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Resignation Syndrome, Mystery Illness

What happens when there is no hope, no succor from the painful memories of a life that continues to haunt the soul? And worse, when refugees are denied residence permits and the specter of returning to this place of dread and fear dominate the thoughts?

Tragically, this response to hopelessness is the shutting down of the mind and body. It is as if the spirit is withdrawing from life. Refugees from the most violent war zones are placing insurmountable pressure on the stable countries of the developed world. What to do? Give them residency status, or force them to return?

“Resignation Syndrome” is the name given to this condition of withdrawal, and it is not only adults but also children who are beyond reach, beyond help, as they turn inward and no longer want to communicate with their loved ones. Such utter despair destroys the body and the soul and when I tap into their auras I see only a misty gray, there is nothing sadder to me than to see this. This is pure angst, borne from the horrors that children and adults alike have witnessed on a daily basis.

We are in an intense period of upheaval as great changes – good and bad – are disrupting the status quo. While much is being uncovered and brought to the rational light of scrutiny and condemnation, oppression and destruction are on the rise on the world stage.

Hold fast dear ones, to your Light. Let it shine. Do not allow yourselves to become drained by events but maintain neutrality and a loving heart. Be kind to your family, your neighbors, and friends. We start from where we are, with those closest to us, for not all are called to combat the current rise of darkness as visible warriors of Light in Governments and charitable foundations. Do your bit, every day, every time you think a negative thought. Be conscious of the powerful destructive possibilities your very thoughts may have and strive to maintain a non-judgemental attitude at all times.

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Information on Resignation Syndrome: http://www.bbc.com/news/magazine-41748485








Creating an affirmation is a form of prayer, in a way, but it is powerful statement of intent rather than a supplication. It focuses on affirming rather than believing or wishing, or even hoping. The wording has to be precise because each word not only has meaning, but power. This power is an energy that can change the very vibratory energy of your mind, emotions and surroundings. It can uplift your mood, change the energetic structure of your body and create a more peaceful world. When we are happy, content, filled with joy and positive energy, we transmit this through our auras and can potentially affect everyone we come into contact with, merely by radiating our vibrations through our subtle bodies.

Years ago I created this affirmation that I use to set my intention for the day. I had attended a workshop based on the classic by Ernest Holmes called “The Science of Mind”. Using some guidelines from the book we worked on creating an affirmation for ourselves. Mine was rather lengthy, I guess I wanted to make sure all bases were covered!


I am a center in the Divine Mind

A point of God-conscious Truth, Light and Action.

All of my affairs are Divinely guarded and guided into right action

and into correct results

All suggestions of age, poverty and limitation are uprooted from my mind,

and cannot gain entrance to my thoughts

For I am well and happy, filled with perfect life and blessed with perfect abundance

I give grateful thanks, for I know it is so NOW.


As the years have passed, I have come to realize what exactly it is that I am stating; how we are merely a Spark, a part of the Divine Mind or Power or Field of Consciousness that exists. I am an individualized expression of that Power, living a life on this planet at this time. By stating my intentions, I have been guided into experiencing many things, learned much but overall, there is a mind-set that has been created that has seen my through difficult times so that the “correct results” have occurred as part of my life lessons.

Create your own, use it to empower you. Choose your words carefully, for you will manifest what you believe. Let us build a better world by starting with ourselves!

Have a glorious day!




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Ernest Holmes’ book:


Prayer vs Meditation

People often ask, “What is the difference between prayer and meditation?” I have provided a brief description of the two processes as I understand them

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Prayer is telling God what you need and want, a ego-driven communication that assumes that God doesn’t already know what it is you require, whether it be a new job or to be healed from something. Prayer assumes that there is a barrier that exists between God and yourself, that It is somehow OUT THERE, so It needs to be reminded what you need. It assumes that when you feel you have done “something wrong” you need to be forgiven because we have been taught “As you sow, so shall you reap”, an idea that is called karma. So woe betide you if you if you should harm someone or think evil thoughts.

Hey, we are all human. We have for the most part all been indoctrinated in some way or other by dogmatic believers in a Saviour that is going to come and rescue you from your misery. The idea that Jesus “died for our sins” is such a deeply rooted belief that we all think that we are safe. This idea comes from the Jewish belief in the scapegoat, the animal that would bear their sins and then it would be chased into the desert to atone for all their wrongdoings.


Meditation is “listening to God,” entering a period of deep silence, stilling the mind or contemplating some truth. Meditation brings about an experience of communing with God. Over time, meditation can lead one to becoming psychic, but this is not the end goal of meditation, or indeed the goalpost. This is merely a step along the way. There is far more to enlightenment than that; far more work to be done. The stilling of the ego, the examining of your beliefs, the notions and ideas that you once held, all will be challenged and changed until you are, one day, able to abide in God consciousness, a place from where you will view everything differently. It will bring about the throwing off, or discarding of all that you once held dear; your most cherished ideas and notions, your wants and desires, all will be changed forever.


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Meditation is not some “New Age” idea that suddenly sprang out of nowhere: it has been practiced for millenia in all religions. The idea of direct communion with God without a priest’s approval is, however, a means of restricting the Christian’s own experience to the experience of those in charge of the Church. Meditation has been frowned upon as “eastern” and “pagan” and not Christian, for in Christianity it is believed that God is “out there” somewhere, a vague Being that watches your every move and knows your every thought, waiting to punish you because you are a miserable person, while meditation allows you to experience God and the sublime experience of being loved directly…so…who needs the priest or the Church, right?

Free yourself from your limited perceptions, open your mind to the silence within.




Prayer vs Meditation



Bliss, peace, love: all can be yours eternally if you realize that you exist within God.


Meditation is relaxing into the Beingness of God, listening and communing without words. It is allowing oneself to be in the Present Moment, the Eternal Now, for that is all there is. In the silence you will find peace, comfort and communion.

Prayer is asking and telling God what you want, what He needs to do to make your life happier. It stems from one’s inner fears: fear of lack, fear of death, fear of pain. It is ego driven which perceives the world we live in as real.

Do you think that He doesn’t already know?

Do you think all your needs are not already being met?

Do you think He needs to be told what to do?

Do you think He is an old man with a beard sitting on a white cloud?

Learn to meditate, learn to free yourself from the illusion. You are the Light, find it in yourself and know that I AM GOD.

He who rests in the eternal bliss of Love needs ask for nothing, for all things are already provided.




Hate Parade

I find myself changing the channel or turning off the TV more and more often. The political hate campaigns baffle me. How can anyone vote for anyone who belittles, slanders and lies to gain the upper hand?

This is what the illusory world is based upon and it takes our complicity to perpetuate the hate parade. We are each as guilty as any of those politicians that we have to trust to run our country. And we are not unique, this process is repeated universally because people live under the illusion and belief in separation.


This deeply held belief that we are separate colors our experience and all our actions; it is the fundamental fuel that fires our egos. Our cherished opinions and arguments allow us to believe that “I am right. I hold the truth. No one else does.”


How incredibly vapid we are and how easily we fall into the trap of dualism. How easily it erodes and undoes the work we do to manifest wholeness, or unity. Prayer itself is an example of the belief in separatness, the idea that there is a power “out there” that will deliver us from whatever ills have befallen us.

Look within, go into the silence and oberve your thoughts. Do not give them power by judging them, for then you are once again separating yourself from spirit. The mind is like a rado station that has to broadcast all the time with mind chatter designed to fill a vacuum. Allow your thoughts to be, and let them go. They are not you, you are inviolate, pure spirit, an observer who does not need to be a participant in this madness.