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Book Review: The Unbound Soul…

For those who are curious, or have felt the “pull” or “nudging” from Spirit, here is a book that will transform your life.

Richard L. Haight’s “awakening” occurred at a very young age, but, like many of us, didn’t quite understand the relevance of his visions and spiritual experiences. His journey of unfoldment took him to Japan where he spent many years studying martial arts, coached in the physical discipline which in effect was also a deeply transformative spiritual experience. He returned to the US where he now teaches both martial arts and meditation.

He offers wonderful meditation techniques which will train you, step-by-step, a tried and true method, to help the student to silence the mind and to achieve spiritual enlightenment. It is not an overnight practice, it takes time and requires dedication.

Haight’s approach will bring the reader to reflect, pause and think; there is great wisdom in his writing that reminds me a bit of Adyshanti, a philosophy that is Zen-like in its approach.


City of Light

Many years ago, during a meditation, I was taken to the most beautiful city of Light. I was accompanied through a portal that opened up to a magnificent vista of a place that exists in the 5th dimension. I crossed a bridge that spanned a small stream, flanked by trees and flowers. Up ahead, not too far away, was a building that resembled ancient Greek temples; pillars of gleaming marble and a polished floor that was unmarked by footprints or by time.

I was taken to meet what I call the Council of Nine. Wise sages sat behind a large, curved table and invited me to speak. I did, they listened and then I waited as they instructed me on aspects of my physical life that required attention.

Self-healing the negative aspects of self; integrating the fragments of the soul that are scattered throughout the multiverses, concentrating on spreading light wherever I go…those are some of the mandates I was to accomplish.

I have visited this wondrous place many times since that first encounter.

Recently I attended a wonderful workshop held by Randall Monk, who teaches the Quest for Mastery program as channeled by Ronna Herman Vezane. The teachings are inspiring and practical, providing advanced information about the ascension process and how to achieve self-mastery.

To my surprise Randall took us on a guided meditation at the end of the workshop which was a visit to the city of Light. It felt to wonderful so like home to me and as on several other occasions, the Master Jesus was present – a shining, powerful force of love. This is not the Jesus that church-goers are familiar with – it is a force of light and love and power that guards the hearts and minds to those who are open to teachings of a higher order. The cult of personality to which people subscribe has nothing in common with the energy of this master.

After the class was completed, Randall channeled his teacher, Melchizedek with a special message for our class. Suddenly, he began choking up, and said, “I cannot do it, I am not worthy…” His voice became soft, gentle. The Christ spoke through him and for the first time I believed in my own experiences; my own visions…I  had not imagined seeing him – I do so often during Reiki sessions, meditations and other random occasions.

The lesson really is: trust your intuition and your experiences. They are part of your journey. Everyone experiences things a little differently because no one, I repeat, NO ONE can have an identical experience to you. You are your own frequency, soul song, level of vibration. You, each one of you, is unique, having experiences filtered through your own perceptions and level of awareness.

Trust in the process as you unfold and grow, like a lotus opening to the sun.



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Image From: Bluedragonjournal.com

Image at top of page from Pinterest – Rhadaranii Shaktii

Quest for Mastery

I am very pleased to announce that I was recently certified as a Quest for Mastery teacher by Randall Monk. He has taken over from Ronna Herman Vezane who no longer travels. Ronna is known as “Sacred Scribe” and channels the teachings and messages of Archangel Michael. The information is accessible and very easy to follow and apply in one’s daily life. These ancient metaphysical  teachings are an updated version of much that has been written before, by other spiritual teachers, such as Alice Bailey, but is in language that is addressing the needs of students who wish to progress along the path of ascension in the 21st Century, and no longer arcane or obscure.


IQFM_Cert_Logo_LowRes have been amazed at how effective the techniques for meditation and breathing are, and how easy it is to attain and remain in an Alpha state. If you are interested in hosting me as a teacher, please message me! I would love to share this knowledge with you as you travel on the path to self discovery and mastery!

Love and Blessings, Christine 

Prayer vs Meditation

People often ask, “What is the difference between prayer and meditation?” I have provided a brief description of the two processes as I understand them

Sunset over Lake Gaston

Prayer is telling God what you need and want, a ego-driven communication that assumes that God doesn’t already know what it is you require, whether it be a new job or to be healed from something. Prayer assumes that there is a barrier that exists between God and yourself, that It is somehow OUT THERE, so It needs to be reminded what you need. It assumes that when you feel you have done “something wrong” you need to be forgiven because we have been taught “As you sow, so shall you reap”, an idea that is called karma. So woe betide you if you if you should harm someone or think evil thoughts.

Hey, we are all human. We have for the most part all been indoctrinated in some way or other by dogmatic believers in a Saviour that is going to come and rescue you from your misery. The idea that Jesus “died for our sins” is such a deeply rooted belief that we all think that we are safe. This idea comes from the Jewish belief in the scapegoat, the animal that would bear their sins and then it would be chased into the desert to atone for all their wrongdoings.


Meditation is “listening to God,” entering a period of deep silence, stilling the mind or contemplating some truth. Meditation brings about an experience of communing with God. Over time, meditation can lead one to becoming psychic, but this is not the end goal of meditation, or indeed the goalpost. This is merely a step along the way. There is far more to enlightenment than that; far more work to be done. The stilling of the ego, the examining of your beliefs, the notions and ideas that you once held, all will be challenged and changed until you are, one day, able to abide in God consciousness, a place from where you will view everything differently. It will bring about the throwing off, or discarding of all that you once held dear; your most cherished ideas and notions, your wants and desires, all will be changed forever.


Sunset over Currituck Sound

Meditation is not some “New Age” idea that suddenly sprang out of nowhere: it has been practiced for millenia in all religions. The idea of direct communion with God without a priest’s approval is, however, a means of restricting the Christian’s own experience to the experience of those in charge of the Church. Meditation has been frowned upon as “eastern” and “pagan” and not Christian, for in Christianity it is believed that God is “out there” somewhere, a vague Being that watches your every move and knows your every thought, waiting to punish you because you are a miserable person, while meditation allows you to experience God and the sublime experience of being loved directly…so…who needs the priest or the Church, right?

Free yourself from your limited perceptions, open your mind to the silence within.




Prayer vs Meditation



Bliss, peace, love: all can be yours eternally if you realize that you exist within God.


Meditation is relaxing into the Beingness of God, listening and communing without words. It is allowing oneself to be in the Present Moment, the Eternal Now, for that is all there is. In the silence you will find peace, comfort and communion.

Prayer is asking and telling God what you want, what He needs to do to make your life happier. It stems from one’s inner fears: fear of lack, fear of death, fear of pain. It is ego driven which perceives the world we live in as real.

Do you think that He doesn’t already know?

Do you think all your needs are not already being met?

Do you think He needs to be told what to do?

Do you think He is an old man with a beard sitting on a white cloud?

Learn to meditate, learn to free yourself from the illusion. You are the Light, find it in yourself and know that I AM GOD.

He who rests in the eternal bliss of Love needs ask for nothing, for all things are already provided.




The Body is a Temple

In 1 Corinthians 3:16-17, it is stated that:

 Do you not know that you are God’s temple and that God’s Spirit dwells in you? 17 If anyone destroys God’s temple, God will destroy him. For God’s temple is holy, and you are that temple?

This well-known admonition is frequently quoted in Churches and is understood to mean that your physical body is a place in which God lives. For this reason you should attempt to keep it healthy, properly nourished, exercised and fabulously clothed. Even evangelists are on the physical fitness and health bandwagon, trying to get their congregants to lose weight, exercise and of course give, give, give to the coffers of Mammon.



Of course there is nothing wrong with that idea, if that is what you would like to think or believe, I am not judging anyone. We are all on a path to find ourselves and our connection with the Creator.

But I did ponder and meditate upon this idea and it dawned on me (yes, like a light bulb suddenly being switched on) that God, our Creator, the Source of all Life, Light and Love wants to dwell in us in the form of Himself (or Itself, I am never sure what to call It). God can only dwell in us if our hearts are open to allow unconditional, limitless Love to enter our beings. God is Light, so every cell must be able to hold and expand with that Light. We can become One with the Body of Christ if we expand our capacity to allow more Light to enter our bodies, right down to the cellular structure. We need to increase our vibrational level by expanding our consciousness, by downloading more Light into the very fiber of our beings.

How do we achieve this? By becoming vegetarian? Sure if that is your idea, and if being a vegan or a vegetarian is your path and if your body does not require animal protein. However, this is merely a physical approach to the problem and not a spiritual one. Many people feel better if they follow a vegetable based diet. But whether you are eating vegetables, fruit or meat, acknowledge and thank the energy and consciousness of the thing you are consuming.We eschew prayer at meal times, believing it to be an outdated practice when in fact, you are changing the essence or energy of the food by blessing it and being grateful for it.

Many believe that the body should be “lighter” and this “lightness” is achieved by being thin. It is not referring to a physical state but to a spiritual one.

But this still does not answer the question: how do we increase our light quotient?

Matthew 6:22 states: “The eye is the lamp of the body. So, if your eye is healthy, your whole body will be full of light.”

It is not the physical eye that is healthy, it is the Third Eye, the spiritual eye that should be open. Only through this can the whole body be full of light.

How can we achieve this?

We increase it by meditating, and doing it as regularly (preferably every single day) as we can.

Why meditate?

Because it opens the chakras, vortexes of energy that are like connecting points to the energy of the Creator. By meditating regularly we keep those channels open and clear, to allow more light to enter the consciousness, thereby allowing us to enjoy good health, peace of mind and unconditional Love.It also allows for an influx of Light to enter the Third Eye and the Fourth Eye chakras (Yes, there is one!) This will open up psychic abilities.

I will write a post soon about types of meditation. In the meantime, remember to do your work, no one else can do it for you. It is a daily step on the path to Enlightenment, so know that you are blessed and more loved than you will ever know.

Angel Workshop in February

Christine Price will be teaching an Angel Connection Workshop at Evergreen Cove, a Holistic Center in Easton, MD in February. The class is open to anyone above the age of 15 and runs from 10 a.m. until 4 p.m.

Call Naomi Hyman at 410-819-3395 for further information.


Evergreen Cove Holistic Center

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