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Quest for Mastery

I am very pleased to announce that I was recently certified as a Quest for Mastery teacher by Randall Monk. He has taken over from Ronna Herman Vezane who no longer travels. Ronna is known as “Sacred Scribe” and channels the teachings and messages of Archangel Michael. The information is accessible and very easy to follow and apply in one’s daily life. These ancient metaphysical  teachings are an updated version of much that has been written before, by other spiritual teachers, such as Alice Bailey, but is in language that is addressing the needs of students who wish to progress along the path of ascension in the 21st Century, and no longer arcane or obscure.


IQFM_Cert_Logo_LowRes have been amazed at how effective the techniques for meditation and breathing are, and how easy it is to attain and remain in an Alpha state. If you are interested in hosting me as a teacher, please message me! I would love to share this knowledge with you as you travel on the path to self discovery and mastery!

Love and Blessings, Christine 


Hot off the Press!

I have just published “The Root Cellar”, a novel about a boy’s search for identity  as a Russian Jew. Set against the turbulent backdrop of the early 20th Century, Josif struggles against a deep, immobilizing fear following the death of his parents. This is a novel that explores the idea of identity through religion and the protagonist is challenged time and again to find his own inner path. The story culminates in a tragic, but ultimately liberating finale…