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Trump vs Hillary and Our Beloved Bernie

For those of you who are interested in a different perspective, I would like to offer some insights from a point of view that is not discussed in the regular media through the use of divination, a bit of astrology and insight.

Donald Trump’s birthday is June 14, 1947, which makes him a Gemini.

His Moon is in Aries. This combination makes for a restless, changeable, independent personality who will go through many changes, and many new starts throughout life. He has Sagittarius in his 10 th House of Success which is where his very candid – even outrageous – comments and utterances originate since he is bound to tell the truth as he sees it. He has Capricorn on the cusp of the 11th House which is where humanistic and altruistic goals are met. In his case Capricorn, the business “head” of the zodiac swings into full force, which is why he has been able to make so much money. Status and the rewards of hard work are very important to him, but he has a broader vision with Aquarius on the 12th House cusp: He has a vision which he would like to implement and is willing to do all it takes to achieve it, and this is for the broad sweep of humanity, but underneath it is the desire to satisfy the ego, to prove himself.


Hillary is a Scorpio, born on October 26th, 1947.

Scorpios tend to be more closed, less likely to mouth off (except in private), to be more restrained about sharing their emotions in public. She is blessed with an enormous intellect and capacity to be of service to humanity. Her vision of the future is embodied in her inventive and unusual ways to break away from old established patterns, creating new paths through her altruistic vision of caring for people. Non-conformist, she is a trailblazer who has the strength to carry her vision into a reality, and knows how to achieve success through unstinting hard work.

Both presidential candidates have their strengths and their weaknesses.


Now I will address the cards I have drawn for them:

(From the Sirian Starseed Tarot  created by Patricia Cori and Alyssa Bartha)


Donald Trump:

Three of Orbs: (traditional Tarot, it represents the suite of Swords) It is a symbol of Air, which is entirely appropriate since Gemini is an Air sign.

Meaning: “On a dark and stormy background, three dull, gloomy orbs form a trinity in the sky. To the left, dark skies and clouds threaten a rainstorm, but on the right, on the horizon, the sun shines through. A fierce bolt of lightning, symbol of illumination, shoots down from the heavens, striking two opposing orbs and surrounding the third, which sits lower on the horizon. It is a problematic card, filled with the obscurities of the mind’s own illusions. Through the dark hour of the soul, when all appears to be dim and the mind’s eye is clouded to the vision of the higher purpose of difficult or painful experience s of life, the light of understanding is within your grasp. Divine wisdom is laced through experience. When we are able to fully understand that where there is darkness, there too is light, we begin to transmute the suffering into a learning experience. The card invites us to conquer the mind’s focus on pain  and loss, and look to the light, where we can transform our thoughts into acceptance and forward motion.”

IMG_1819  What does this mean? Illusion and perhaps ultimate disillusionment followed by the pain of loss.

Mirages shimmer on the air, creating false perceptions and creating false expectations like a man travelling through the heat of the desert, success is within his grasp, but as he stumbles on, he discovers if to be a mere illusion.There is no substance to the dream and the pain and suffering that follows can either lead to death or to a renewed attempt to get up and stumble on.

Donald’s birth card is a 3 of Diamonds. Multiple marriages are part of his destiny, dissatisfaction and great insecurities; very creative, great entertainers and speakers fall under this card. Once they have found their path they will attempt to share their vision with everyone.


Hillary: Three of Chalices (and Scorpio is a water sign!)

Chalices represent unconditional love, friendship, and the water constantly seeks balance. Three of Chalices speaks to the unconditional love that Hillary gets from her supportive friends and followers. “From the intimate and very private exchange of the Two of Chalices, the Three opens to the celebration of what comes from sharing emotionally and spiritually with others – without limitation.”

The Sirian Starseed Tarot

The card also speaks of purity of intention and thought and the goddess energy that is within us all. It is like a celebration of the return of balance, a loving, nurturing energy that speaks of the ability to control emotion through balance.

Hillary’s birth Card is a Nine of hearts. It is the “wish” card and although faced with many obstacles under this card, it signifies a wish or desire that will come true.



Now for a brief look at Bernie:

Bernie’s birth card is a Three of Diamonds, just like Donald. I have often said that he is the opposite pole of Donald and this most certainly seems to bear that out in no uncertain terms. However, he has utilized that energy completely differently, so that his creative focus has been on helping others, instead of primarily focusing on making money for himself. He too has a restless energy, with worry and indecision ruling his emotional side. But, he has arrived in a place where he is promoting a higher vision which is what makes him so different to Donald. Interestingly his Card for the Year is a Nine of Diamonds, indicating losses, the loss of money and a dream, completion and an end to a pursuit.

I drew a Syrian Starseed card for him: Master of Crystals. This blew me away, I have to share this:

The Crystal suit ( Pentacles) refers to “…embracing abundance without being addicted to it…” The suit is ruled by the element of Earth, and as a Virgo, Bernie is fulfilling his destiny, wanting to create abundance for mankind. As Master of Crystals he represents inner strength and power, having overcome his ego and “…reaching pure consciousness of the field of influence – his kingdom – that he has mastered.” He is a leader whose power lies in helping society, and he has the wisdom and self-knowledge to reach beyond the illusion of wielding power for the sake of satisfying the ego.


No wonder we love him so!

I hope you found this entertaining, it was fun connecting with their energies. I make no predictions, we will see what happens 🙂



The Sirian Starseed Tarot by Patricia Cori and Alysa Bartha

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Other images:

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Saturn, the Sun, the Earth

During a recent meditation I was shown the image of Saturn and received the message that I was a “child of Saturn”, followed by an image of the Sun, then Earth. The images bounced back to Saturn, then the Sun, then Earth in a perpetual triangle.



The influence of Saturn is one of having to face the shadow side of one’s Being. We have good and bad in all of us, and by acknowledging this we are able to make better choices.

Greek mythology tells us the father of Zeus was the Roman God Saturn, or Kronos according to the Greeks, the one who devoured his offspring after they were born because he feared their power and that they would usurp him. Zeus, however, was protected by his mother, and he returned to battle his father, overthrew him and became king. Kronos is the god of Time, and mortality. he urges us to fulfill our mission, our life’s work or plan while on Earth.


Saturn makes us face our darkness, our obsessions and our fears. It has great influence over us in our early twenties, and then in our early fifties. This is often referred to as a “Saturn return”. I often compare it to the time when our karma or our main lesson in life comes in to zap us out of our comfort zone and take us where we really, really, don’t want to go! This is a time when we have to face our greatest fears, for some it can lead to divorce, to others, bankruptcy, loss of loved ones…you get the picture. It’s painful, it’s nasty, and you have to get through it. You have to make it to the other side in order to grow in spirit; you have to take up the challenge and meet it square on. Your deepest fears, you innermost secrets, all will be laid bare for you and others to see. Not pleasant, believe you me!

I had done battle with my Saturn return and I faced the darkness, the loss of things on so many levels and I feel that I had emerged after I surrendered, forgiven and accepted…

This is not an overnight lesson, it is deep work that requires time, and persistent effort.


So, what is the role of the Sun?

The Sun, is where it all begins, in astrology. The position of the sun dictates what astrological sign you are born under. My sun sign is Scorpio, a sign noted for its interest in all things spiritual, mysterious and esoteric. Life, sex, death…that is what Scorpio is about.



But the Sun, as a force of Light, as a purifying fire burns away all the dross and accumulated baggage and releases the soul to begin anew.

The Third Image, Earth

Planet Earth is our school, the place we have incarnated upon to enrich our souls, our collective unconscious and to extend the wisdom and love  of our Creator. It is the solid feel of earth beneath our feet, the place that grounds us and makes us walk, or plod along a path we have chosen as our destiny.




The message was clear to me: you have learned one of your most important lessons, your karma has been purified and the remainder of your time here is a blessing. Do what you can to enlighten others, to teach what you have learned.

What I have learned:

  • face your fears
  • do not give in to self pity…if you do, keep it short!
  • forgive, forgive, forgive
  • be kind to others, we know not what they are suffering, or what their lessons are
  • have your astro chart done, it will teach you a lot about yourself and the lessons you have chosen to learn
  • open your heart chakra through meditation and radiate love, unconditionally and constantly

May you be blessed.