Precognitive Dream: Orlando Tragedy

I have had many precognitive dreams over the years, and many intuitive nudges, often misunderstood at the time, but clarity came with hindsight. Perhaps it is my subconscious warning me, or my Higher Self, but frequently the dreams have to do with the souls of the people involved. They are often represented symbolically in my dreams.

Michael Jackson appeared in the dream in the form of a gollum-like creature in a diaper, and he was crying, “Help me! Help me!” It was later that day that the world learned of his passing. I realized on some level he was not meant to go so soon, and that this was a desperate plea for help. Just recently the death of Prince was another puzzle until I heard the news, and more specifically, where he had died. In my dream I went upstair in a white house, and said, “He isn’t here.” He had apparently been found in the elevator. I was not a Prince or a MJ fan, I have no idea why I dreamt about either of them.

The 9/11 attacks were preceded by an actual premonition following a strange object in the sky that left me frightened. I dreamed of little children in a shopping cart looking for their mother in an underground parking area, and I was there to help them and comfort them. Prior to the bombings in the London Underground I was there in my dreams, experiencing the confusion and fear, the smoke and chaos in an underground tunnel.

I could not get to sleep on Saturday night. I tossed and turned, sat up, tried to sleep several times to no avail. I thought about the murder of Christina Grimmie and wondered why such a beautiful, talented girl should die. Her death had affected me strangely; I had felt terribly sad about her death.

At about 2 a.m. I fell into a light dreamlike state between sleep and wakefulness. I “saw” flowers twirling up to the heavens, spiralling slowly. I woke up and wondered what that was. It was a new experience, one I did not understand.  I actually said out loud, “What was that about?” I tried to sleep again, and the same thing happened. Endless flowers- flowers floating up to the heavens, out of the darkness into the light. 



Eventually, at about 3:30 I managed to get some rest and was awake again by 6:30. The Orlando shootings jolted me into the tragic reality of the night’s events. I could not stop crying, I still tear up just thinking about it.

Later on Sunday I remembered my “dream” of the flowers. It had occurred at the time of the shooting. The fact that Christina’s death had popped into my subconscious was linked to Orlando, as if I was being warned that another terrible tragedy would be unleashed upon the people of Orlando.

I did not really want to write this post, but if it gives comfort to anyone out there who lost a loved one that fateful night, I want you to feel comforted: those beautiful, loving souls are reunited on a higher plane, they have just stepped into a higher vibration, just beyond the veil through which our human eyes cannot see. They came to teach us about unconditional love and acceptance, forgiveness and the true meaning of what it means to be human. Let their legacy live on in the way we treat each other.

Love unconditionally.

Forgive unconditionally.

Live your life fearlessly.
















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Creating an affirmation is a form of prayer, in a way, but it is powerful statement of intent rather than a supplication. It focuses on affirming rather than believing or wishing, or even hoping. The wording has to be precise because each word not only has meaning, but power. This power is an energy that can change the very vibratory energy of your mind, emotions and surroundings. It can uplift your mood, change the energetic structure of your body and create a more peaceful world. When we are happy, content, filled with joy and positive energy, we transmit this through our auras and can potentially affect everyone we come into contact with, merely by radiating our vibrations through our subtle bodies.

Years ago I created this affirmation that I use to set my intention for the day. I had attended a workshop based on the classic by Ernest Holmes called “The Science of Mind”. Using some guidelines from the book we worked on creating an affirmation for ourselves. Mine was rather lengthy, I guess I wanted to make sure all bases were covered!


I am a center in the Divine Mind

A point of God-conscious Truth, Light and Action.

All of my affairs are Divinely guarded and guided into right action

and into correct results

All suggestions of age, poverty and limitation are uprooted from my mind,

and cannot gain entrance to my thoughts

For I am well and happy, filled with perfect life and blessed with perfect abundance

I give grateful thanks, for I know it is so NOW.


As the years have passed, I have come to realize what exactly it is that I am stating; how we are merely a Spark, a part of the Divine Mind or Power or Field of Consciousness that exists. I am an individualized expression of that Power, living a life on this planet at this time. By stating my intentions, I have been guided into experiencing many things, learned much but overall, there is a mind-set that has been created that has seen my through difficult times so that the “correct results” have occurred as part of my life lessons.

Create your own, use it to empower you. Choose your words carefully, for you will manifest what you believe. Let us build a better world by starting with ourselves!

Have a glorious day!




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Ernest Holmes’ book:

Grumbles and Smiles!

This may seem like a strange title, but read on:

Grumble for the Day

Why do some of the New Age Movement teachers make their classes and conferences so ridiculously expensive? So many of them who begin humbly (meaning I can afford to attend their seminars) become so horribly overpriced once they garner a following. That is when I hit the “unfollow” button. To be truthful, I usually learn from their input and explore my own inner world, and no longer need them, so I guess they have done their job. But within a short span of time, some of them have become rock stars, and are off into the stratosphere of gurudom, attracting the wealthy hangers on who can afford to fork out $4000  plus for a week of pampered luxury and wisdom. I wish them luck.

Smile for the Day

While clicking on a YouTube video of unnamed now rock star spiritual teacher, I came upon a very interesting video which contained information that was quite fascinating. I love it when I can learn new things, and this Canadian, Chuck VanderByl, certainly grabbed my attention. His video is well worth the time, so give it a go if you are interested in UFO’s, bloodlines, miracles and more…!

Countdown to Contact – Chuck Vanderbyl: The Watchers & The St. MeDard Miracles


Chuck VanderByl
Chuck VanderByl





So, the upshot of this all, is, there is always something new that comes along that will shake you into a new awareness, or make you question your illusions! Open your mind, and ye shall receive!

The Holographic Universe

I would like to share messages and information I have received over the course of a few months. Last year, I woke up in the middle of the night, talking out loud. I said, “Thank you, thank you for the information. I have the download. It is happening right now.”

It felt as if stuff was being fed into my brain at a speed of light. Bits of it here and there have surfaced sine then, I guess I must be processing the information.

“The universe and all that you perceive as ‘real’ is existing in a hologram projected by your mind. The mind of the human is co-creating with Source to bring about a 3 D experience based in duality; the projected mind is able to choose its experience depending on the lessons it wants to learn, the other soul group members it has to work with. It really is all an experiment of sorts.”

We are like people in a movie, projected into what we call reality, and we operate largely on emotion and the mental aspect. We choose wars and other disasters to awaken selflessness and to learn to choose love.

Love is a force field that operates through and within us, but we have to chosen to have that filtered so that we cannot see it for what it is, we cannot see who we are. We truly are only particles of light, part of the great One Light and our lives are as ephemeral as the light of a candle.

Forget your notions of good and bad! Learn instead to forgive and let go of your hurts that you so dearly love to cling to. That hurt is not you, it is not your identity but if you make it so and hang on to it it will become part of you. It drags along with you through each successive lifetime that you have since unless you can discard the filters set in place to hide your true Being, you will keep that emotional baggage and go through the same trials and tribulations over and over again until you awaken. Forgiving cuts the cords of hate, revenge, despair…all the negative emotions that become a entrapped in your emotional body. You will keep choosing the same scenario over and over again to relive the particular issues you have and they will begin to manifest as diseases that are ineradicable.

The warp and weft of time and energy interplay with each other to create filters and if you can stand aside and observe yourself, you will see your life being played out against a backdrop of experiences you have chosen. It is as if it being projected on a screen, and it is as hazy as an old movie…one you can watch and say, ‘Gee how I have changed,’ but if you do not forgive, the images remain fresh and clear, and the pain body wants to delight in this and relive each episode.

Learn to feel joy, to take delight in your Beingness, to forgive for this is the path to your redemption, the way Home to experience your true magnificence. Know and fully understand that each single entity is part of the same glorious One, even those who commit vile acts. They are merely asleep still, and we must send them Love constantly so that they will awaken too.

Heart Chakra
Heart Chakra

There are grids of light surrounding the planet to hold the energies in place, nodes and vortexes that are aligned with the angelic realms of light, and we are connected to these through our chakras. This projected universe- yes, even the stars and suns and planets are merely ideas that exist, they are as unreal as your own body, your vehicle that you inhabit while you are here.

This is all an illusion, a magnificent one that was created by the various angelic and light beings who have formed and moulded the world as we see it through human eyes. There are realms and dimensions so far beyond what we can access, and each dimension has what you could term a ‘God’, an overarching energy that regulates his particular part of existence.

It is for this reason that we cannot see other life forms, (what you call ‘aliens’) but know this, understand this, each and every single thing that we can see has multitudes of universes within them, atomic, subatomic and so on. It is a spectrum of energy that is so miniscule it cannot be measured and yeah, dear reader, even sand, mountains, clouds, water…all EVERYTHING is made of energy, and therefore has consciousness (even if it limited) and exists for our pleasure. Do not abuse it, use it gently, with love, care and understanding. It exists to make our earthly 3D existence beautiful, varied and exciting. We came into bodies having evolved not from apes, but as created forms that began through aeons of time to have consciousness.


You do not need a ‘God’ to worship; the energy that Is, is neutral, it does not require to be feared or worshipped or pandered to. But you can work with it, through tapping into that flow of energy, to ‘go with the flow’ as you say, means that you are in divine alignment. You can change your life by changing your mind, your perceptions and please discard the beliefs of an outdated religion that dictates how you should feel and act…do not get me wrong, this is not a carte blanche for your conscience, your inner urging voice that is the Voice or Energy of the One Light (also called the ‘Central Sun’) wants you to have a magnificent, wonderful earthly experience, filled with blessings and love. Do no harm. Be kind.



Healing the Psyche and Collective Unconscious

Healing from a trauma does not mean you should forget it.

Healing means that it no longer has power over you, so that you are no longer emotionally entangled with the pain of the event or trauma.

It is our collective duty to help those who have suffered deep pain from the past through mass events, such as war, the Holocaust, slavery, genocide and all the other miseries the human species has managed to inflict upon its fellows.

We are connected through our thoughts by means of the astral level. We are all able to access the lower astral, in the fourth dimension, a layer of reality in which all thoughts and deeds, and words and actions are stored. We draw from it continually, and we add to it and we can use it to further our potential on this planet.

How? Well, you must have sometimes experienced seemingly coincidental occurrences, such as thinking of someone, only to have them call you a few minutes later, or of several people coming up with the same idea, sometimes from across the globe?

They are tapping into the collective unconscious, a kind of massive thought form from whence many draw inspiration.That is the astral plane, which exists in the fourth dimension.

There is nothing new under the sun. It has all existed before, thought before, experienced before.

We can add to it by thinking positively, by spreading joy and laughter and healing. In this way we create a lighter, better energised aspect of the astral, one that will benefit each and every individual

We can do it through affirmations, prayer, meditation, toning, singing and laughter. Not laughter at the expense of others, but joyful laughter.

Happiness is a Choice.

The words and symbols that cause immense pain need to be healed and that needs to be changed. The “N-word”, the swastika, certain words and images and beliefs that evoke pain and anger, all these are merely words and symbols but they have been imbued with emotion that overwhelms those who have not healed their own pasts. Only when each individual has learned not to react on the emotional level to an inanimate thing, will we be able to move forward as a species. We are mired in our own emotional garbage, wallowing in the pain of a past that is an illusion. 

The past exists only in the mind, it is not real. The future isn’t real either. Only NOW exists. practice being in that NOW moment. Practice forgiveness constantly. In this way you release long held pain; only through forgiving can we move forward and heal.

If we all did this, consciously, we will change the emotional patterning that we have been imprinted with. We will learn not to react with anger, because we will realize that it means nothing.

What is it you desire by becoming angry over these things? Recognition of your own pain and suffering? Is this a cry for help, a cry for attention?

Do good works if this is your mission. Be kind, be mindful, be aware. That is the key: awaken to your true nature, your connection to Spirit, for you are all part of each other and I am that part of you that wants you to awaken, to realize that you are not just a body, not just intellect or emotions. You and I are inextricably intertwined as each other, we are each other. The Bible states somewhere that you are your brother’s keeper. It is more than that, you are your brother, your sister, you have existed always as a fragment in the One Mind.

We are the sum total of All that Is, the I am that I Am. “Be still and know that I am God” is not referring to a God “out there”, it is referring to YOU YOURSELF.

Once we truly realize our divinity we can heal and move on, and create a heaven on Earth, so that we can enjoy our humanness in a loving, conscious way.

This will take time, time as we perceive it to be, but that is but another illusion.



Fifth Dimension Consciousness

There is much talk in spiritual circles about “The Shift” and how Gaia Herself has ascended into a different reality since 2012.

Two Earths

Is this much ado about nothing?

Most people are just soldiering on, with no apparent changes to their behaviors or perspectives. Life goes on: eat, work, sleep, procreate, look for a mate… the usual human things that make us human. This robotic existence is very much a 3D, old Earth way of being.

But wait…look under the fraying edges and take a closer look at what is happening!

A vast number of people have experienced physical symptoms that are inexplicable and are not diagnosable and  often untreatable. The influx of energy, not only from solar activity which has been vastly increased lately, but also personal upshifts in energy absorption has heralded changes in perception that those who are more awake can recognize.

Here are some of the observable changes:

1. Weather patterns and seismic activity: We are all aware of this, and it has been sped up since 2012. Glaciers are melting, massive storms are causing havoc. Earthquakes and volcanic activity has increased dramatically.

2. Different political ideas and leadership coming to the fore. Sadly, I have felt since Hillary was ousted as Presidential candidate in 2008, that her time was past, that she would never be president. My feelings may be wrong, but there is a tremendous number of younger people who are very vocal about Bernie Sanders. Can he truly bring the change the Millennials are seeking? Hillary is being perceived as “old school” with ideas that are no longer viable in a swiftly changing world. The Republicans of this world unfortunately are for the most part stuck in an outdated ideology which resonates with the majority of humans still vibrating at a different level due to their beliefs.

 3. The Millennial Generation: the energy of this vibrant younger generation sees things in a very different way to my generation. Many seem far less interested in pursuing wealth for the sake of accumulating debt and acquiring “stuff” for the sake of ownership.  There is a great focus on creativity in all the arts and sciences bringing in fresh perspectives that do not sit well with traditionalists.

Good for them!

4. Thousands are departing the planet and returning to Source.

Natural and other disasters are precipitating a huge exodus of souls on a continual basis. Their energies have been recalled so that they can prepare for the next round of incarnations which may not necessarily be on this planet.


5. The “Tiny House” movement: making do with less. There is a realization that we don’t need to be living in huge mansions to be happy. There is a return to simplicity and a greater willingness to share resources, a complete shift from the previous generation, especially those who lived through the Depression and worked hard to provide for their families, thereby creating a perception  that we are always staving off poverty instead of looking to our spiritual selves.

Image result for tiny houses

6. Changing diets: The growing trend in vegetarianism and compassion for animals.

7. Alternative medicine: More and more people are disliking the side-effects of allopathic medicine which is an old school way of viewing the body as mechanistic. Alternative medicine sees the body and soul as an entire organism and not just as spare parts that need replacing or “fixing”.


8. Alternative energy sources: There is greater concern worldwide to produce energy that is sustainable from renewable sources.


9. Popular media is no longer “popular” among the younger generation. They do not want to be told how to feel, dress, where to shop and what to buy. They constantly seek other forms of entertainment and this has created a boom in media outlets and opportunities. They are constantly connected to the ever-shifting changes through their media devices and are far more aware and compassionate than is given them credit.

What has occurred is an ascension into fifth dimensional thinking. This means that the old problems are left to those who still want to be part of that reality, and the power that large corporations and greedy governments perpetuate through scare tactics. I know the trends mentioned in the above list refers to the minority of people, but they are the ones leading the way to changing our ideas, perceptions and beliefs.

For those who have meditated many years and are helping with the awakening of humanity, those who have eschewed popular religion, there is an awareness that living in the “Now Moment” is all that matters. They have learned to control their thoughts and cannot be swayed by scare tactics, fear and and control. They have learned that worry solves nothing, and that looking for solutions is everything. There is a far greater connectedness thanks to modern media. Those who cannot keep up, or don’t want to because they fear technology are very unfortunate because we have only achieved the tip of the iceberg technologically speaking. They are left behind in sharing their ideas, their power, their insights, cutting themselves off from humanity which has moved on to a different level of being.

Welcome to the Brave New World. May you all live long and Prosper. 🙂



Megadriel: “My Great Help is God”

When I first encountered this energy, it revealed its name to be Megadriel. It was one of the very first guides/spirits/angels that came to me. I remember feeling a great rush of love for this Being, and felt that It was the one I saw when I was doing vigils as a Hospice volunteer.


This great towering pillar of Light would appear next to the patient. If It was further away from the person, it meant that the final passage would be in a day or two, but if It was next to the patient, there would be only a few hours before the spirit was exhaled into the Infinite Void.

Megadriel appears very stern; a no-nonsense entity of immeasurable power. I discovered that the name meant “My Great Help is God” and that It is the regent of the seraphim, cherubim and Archangels.

As you can see from my illustration, the eyes are strange, not human. Angels are not human; in my experience they are energetic entities of great power and presence. They are genderless, eternal and are in charge of the different levels of interdimensional “reality” of our particular Universe – as I understand, there are many levels of reality beyond ours, and our comprehension of the holographic nature of our existence is kept secret until we are able to comprehend it. As science advances and we are better able to grasp certain concepts, so we will be given transmissions of information to further our understanding, perception and experience of reality.

I have felt Its presence throughout the years, which is very comforting, and Megadriel has guided my spiritual progress.



Soul Mates

The idea of “soul mates” is a widespread belief, and is rooted in the idea that someone “out there” will one day find you, sweep you off your feet, and carry you off into the sunset. This perfect person, the mirror image of your own inner desires, tastes, thoughts and ideals is going to be your perfect mate, now and forever. We harbor illusions of this perfect person who will never get angry, will always be chivalrous, generous, shave, brush his/her teeth and forgive our transgressions. Why? Because we each of think we are perfect, so how can anyone possibly not admire, adore and set us on a pedestal where we surely belong?

Do you hear the cosmic laughter right now?

Are the angels giggling too? I know I am!

Your soul mate is the person who agreed to incarnate with you to teach you the lessons you have chosen to experience.

They can be a reflection of what lies deeply hidden within you, thus shining the spotlight on your weaknesses and vulnerabilities. Ouch, you didn’t expect that, did you?

It takes more than love to overcome our flawed perceptions and reactions to challenges. It takes time, forgiveness, loyalty and compassion not only towards others, but also towards yourself. Your astro chart will tell you where your strengths are, and where your weaknesses lie. Familiarize yourself with that chart, study it until you understand that YOU are your own best friend, and your own worst enemy. Your ego is what drives your life on earth, forms your personality and creates the multitude of challenges and opportunities for forgiveness.


Life is one long lesson. Enjoy the ride!

In Peace and Love,



Nature’s Gift on Mother’s Day

My kids were not able to be with me on this day, and I am unable to be with my mother, who lives 8,000 miles away. I am not sentimental and while I miss them and would love to have them all here, they live in my heart in the space even between seconds.

My garden has been readying itself for summer and because it hasn’t rained for a few days, I decided to go and water the plants (and the weeds!) To my surprised delight I discovered the Love of the Universe has gifted me with the first rose bloom, beautifully fragrant, the first peony and a few others that have decided to show me their love!

I had no inkling they would be blooming today, it certainly didn’t seem like they would when I spoke to them yesterday!

May you all have a glorious day! My heart is filled with gratitude!