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Living and Creating from the Heart

One of the most important shift you, as a student of Truth on the Path of Spiritual Unfoldment can practice, is to think and act from the heart chakra.

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What does this mean?

It’s about practicing non-judgment.

It’s about being in a space of observing.

It’s about allowing.

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It’s about allowing Beingness to guide us instead of living in the head.


Does this mean you have to be sweet and gentle all the time, smiling sublimely because you are so “spiritual”?


As you allow the heart to be your “operating system”, all those lovely attributes will flow into your Being. You will naturally become the Love you wish to be, and wish to share with the world.

As soon as you become aware of judgment and negativity creeping into your thoughts, bring those feelings down into the heart, feel it expand and grow so that you can transmute those emotions and thoughts.

Energy follows thought.

How to achieve this?

Practice this visualization:

Imagine your Higher Self as a glowing orb of white light above your head.

Bring it down, slowly, through the head, past the throat, and into the heart. Allow it to expand to encompass your auric field. Be present in this feeling. Accept and know that you are changing your spiritual and physical blueprint, every time upshifting your vibration to be able to integrate more light.

Being aligned with this Power will ultimately bring physical, emotional and spiritual benefits. You will be in Divine Flow.


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You have chosen to be alive at this time.

Let your Light shine!








Third Eye Blind

Message from above energy:

Stop believing that you are a mere human being: you are multidimensional, a fragment of the Divine One Who Cannot Be Named, an aspect reflected and refracted myriad times. You exist in all dimensions and as all things, whether it be a leaf, blade of grass, an ant. Your angry thoughts manifest as hate, as murderous human beings who are merely that part of you you refuse to acknowledge, for we are all One, All of us, a vast unimaginable manifested energy that exists as  what you call consciousness. Even so-called “aliens” are but another part of you. You have always existed, you always will. You are here to experience and co-create a new reality, so get to work, learn to open your Third Eye to experience the wondrous other dimensions that exist.

You choose to be blind, you choose to see hate and to feel anger. You can change all that. Re-program yourself, stop being manipulated by dogma and allow yourself to THINK beyond what you have been led to believe is true. You are not your thoughts, you are far more than that.


Love Unconditionally.


Third Eye Chakra image by C.Price



When Spirit Guides

Yesterday was a day surprises. The sun was actually shining after a week of snow and frozen precipitation, and the other big delight was a talk I attended about the Canadian psychic artist, Alma Rumball.

At the age of fifty, Alma became a recluse after she had a vision of Jesus. The vision had opened up her ability to receive clairvoyant messages and her hand began to draw intricate patterns and images of its own volition. Light activation codes are embedded in the drawings, and one cannot fail to be drawn to them, to absorb them and to marvel at the workings of Spirit.

Wendy Oke married Alma’s nephew and is the “keeper” of the drawings, exhibiting them world wide. Alma died in 1980 and we are fortunate that Wendy has taken on the task of sharing them with us.

Here are a few of my favorites:

God of All Gods. Kalu Rinpoche, who is the spiritual advisor to the Dalai Lama, named this intricate, very beautiful drawing after being shown it. The Face of God is never revealed in any spiritual tradition, and while we catch a glimpse of it here, it is obscured and kept sacred, even in this representation.
Cheyennes Lady
Aba’s Mission.

Please visit  for more information about Alma and Wendy’s story. Click on “Gallery” to see more of this amazing work. Copies of the drawings may be ordered from Wendy.

Thank you Wendy, you are a fountain of Light!


Dancing Lady