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Quest for Mastery

I am very pleased to announce that I was recently certified as a Quest for Mastery teacher by Randall Monk. He has taken over from Ronna Herman Vezane who no longer travels. Ronna is known as “Sacred Scribe” and channels the teachings and messages of Archangel Michael. The information is accessible and very easy to follow and apply in one’s daily life. These ancient metaphysical  teachings are an updated version of much that has been written before, by other spiritual teachers, such as Alice Bailey, but is in language that is addressing the needs of students who wish to progress along the path of ascension in the 21st Century, and no longer arcane or obscure.


IQFM_Cert_Logo_LowRes have been amazed at how effective the techniques for meditation and breathing are, and how easy it is to attain and remain in an Alpha state. If you are interested in hosting me as a teacher, please message me! I would love to share this knowledge with you as you travel on the path to self discovery and mastery!

Love and Blessings, Christine 


Consciousness Upshift

I have been reading Matias Flury’s book, “Downloads from the Nine: Awaken as you Read“, a powerful and mind altering book that raises your consciousness as you read. Matias has an interesting biography:

“Born in Argentina and raised by a series of Native Indian nannies, Matias Flury had his first samadhi experience when he was just a boy. In his late teens, through compulsive overuse of a breathing technique he had learned in a martial arts class, he developed tachycardia (a dangerously rapid heartbeat), and for a time teetered on the edge of severe physical and mental illness. While living as a jewelry seller to hippies, he married a young American woman, and in California they met Amma, the hugging Saint, and also another Indian saint named Sufi Baba, both of whom gave potent blessings. Eventually he discovered that he had Hepatitis C, which he had apparently contracted through blood transfusions in his childhood. He went through a long process of trying to heal it, following the advice of many doctors, but nothing was helpful. Finally he tried fasting, and soon found some relief for his symptoms. Eventually he did a water fast of 50 days, combined with long hours of meditation; this was followed by a three-day absolute fast not even drinking water. This culminated in an extraordinary shamanic journey – and the complete healing of his hepatitis. Finding he had a talent for yoga, he became a yoga teacher, and gradually developed his own system of yoga, “Yoga Adityam,” combining yoga asanas with pranayama and bandhas (yogic body locks), and based on Kirlian photos which show how the chakras and aura are affected by each asana. The “Yoga Adityam” system is now being shared with the world in a 3-volume set of self-published e-books available on Eventually he and his wife went to India, and spent more time with Amma and several other saints, including an Avadhuta in Tiruvannamalai and a Tibetan Rimpoche in Dharamsala, and had remarkable experiences with all of them. He has also made connections with shamans in Latin America, including a woman who channels beings of light, who assisted him in performing some exorcisms of possessed people in their area. In short, he has had an amazing and unusually eventful life! “Spiritual Experiments” is his story. “(

I highly recommend reading this amazing book. It bathes you in crystalline light, and changes your perception and reactions to things. It will open your mind and blow your circuits!

There are several other books that accomplish awakening merely by reading them, one of them being Raquel Spencer’s book which is an easy read, in the style of a work of fiction:

Raquel Spencer
The beautiful Raquel Spencer

I have been a fan of her work ever since I attended one of her amazingly powerful workshops. Her ability to shift and magnify energy is incredible. She has helped many people to upshift their consciousness, realigning their energies to be more compatible with the influx of Light since 2012. Her own awakening occurred in 1985 after she fell into a five week long coma for which there was no medical explanation.

The third one is a book by Jessie Ayani:

Jessie Ayani
Jessie Ayani

This book reawakened powerful past life memories and ancient knowledge which I have been able to integrate and release, thus healing the fragments of myself that were carrying codes of third dimensional entrapments.

Free yourself from the past, move forward and live in the Light!




Unified Field of Energy

The current unrest  that has exploded into the terrible violence in Kenya, the mass murder by a German pilot is a reflection of the times we live in. “April”, as T.S. Eliot wrote in “The Wasteland”, “…is the cruelest month…” It brings to mind that most tragic event: the Columbine High School shootings, which occurred on the birthday of Adolf Hitler as well as other tragedies, too many to mention.

What is it about April that is so awful? It is the beginning of Spring, as the sun moves into Aries, the first sign of the zodiac, ruled by fiery Mars. It is a time of renewal, of growth and of new beginnings. Why then do all these terrible things happen at this time?

But all this, all of this, all means nothing, really. Not unless you want it to.

Everything we believe creates an energetic blueprint. Every single thought that we have, becomes part of the unified field of energy that we exist in. It is not measurable, and even that probably exists only in our imaginations, the imagination that helps us create or destroy our reality.

All the negative thoughts we carry in our minds, the negative input from countless news broadcasts, the horrible and often cruel comments people make to each other and on social media, all of this negativity coalesces into a wave of energy that vibrates to a level that some people can resonate with. Those whose beliefs allow them to dwell in the darkness instead of the light will attract that energy, and it grows within the ego that feeds upon hatred, divisiveness and duality.

Hatred can be directed at others, and sometimes it is directed at the self.

Let it be known that we cannot exist upon hatred and negativity. Make a conscious and concerted effort to bring your mind back to the present now moment whenever you become aware of what you are thinking. Know that YOU ARE NOT YOUR MIND…your soul and your spirit, your real true self, is not your thinking mind!

Like attracts like. It is a simple but true statement. Focus on the good, the positive and allow yourself to attract good into your life: love, joy and light. So yes, it is a good investment and it will be returned to you over and over again!



Spirit Guide Yuan Pei

A guide who was from China in his earthly incarnation:

Yuan Pei

I got the name “Yuan Pei” when I asked who this guide was:

My name was  Yuan Pei and my role was to bring enlightenment to China, through education and so that the entire nation could be uplifted through advancing the intellect and the use of logic. The purpose was to bring an end to the then widely held beliefs in superstition and to change the prevailing mass thought to empower individual thinking. My role now is as one of the many who assist to bring Light and Knowledge to the East, particularly China through the intervention and Divine Grace of the Ascended Master Eriel.

He does look rather stern, doesn’t he?

If you feel that he resonates with you on your spiritual path please feel free to contact me  regarding this powerful spirit.

All paintings are original, in watercolor and can be purchased for $40 which includes shipping and handling.

The Solar Eclipse, Thursday’s Energies

Be prepared for tomorrow’s partial solar eclipse which will be visible in most of North America. This site gives a time calculator that is useful:

This is a good time to recharge your crystals and to allow yourself some quiet time to meditate, to open yourself to the powerful energies streaming our way. Concentrate on downloading light codes and positive energy to assist you in clearing and upgrading your chakras and energetic body, to energize and heal your matrix and the grids of energy around Earth. You may be more open than usual to experience psychic phenomena. At this time of great negativity and fear, send Love and Light to all people and living things, so that harmony may be restored.



RIP Dolores Cannon

Dolores Cannon, author of more than 22 books based on past-life regression sessions held with clients over three decades, has made her transition to spirit this past weekend. I was saddened by the news, and felt as if I had lost someone I knew well.

Beloved author, Dolores Cannon (

She dedicated her life to discovering the Truth of human existence by accessing the Higher Self, or Subconscious, recording the information and then writing a series of books which were based on the information gleaned from the subjects she worked with while they were in a somnambulistic state.

Dolores was a humble woman, self-effacing and a great teacher. She often came across concepts she herself couldn’t fully grasp, or even words she was not familiar with, and with charming honesty, would do her best to find out more about it and explain it to the readers as if she were talking to them directly.

I found that the “Convoluted Universe” series unfolded metaphysical concepts that have been written about by Rudolf Steiner, Blavatsky, Max Heindl and Alice Bailey ( to name but a few) in a comprehensible, easy to understand manner that made it accessible to everyone. As each subject unfolded his or her story while under trance, she discovered that many subjects told the same story about their soul evolution. These books gradually lead the reader to a fuller understanding of the creation of the Universe, the nature of God and the origin of the soul and its purpose.

As a long time student of metaphysics, I highly recommend her books to anyone who wants to go beyond the “life after life” or “life after death” research.

Thank you for the Light you brought, Dolores. May you continue to shine!