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Living and Creating from the Heart

One of the most important shift you, as a student of Truth on the Path of Spiritual Unfoldment can practice, is to think and act from the heart chakra.

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What does this mean?

It’s about practicing non-judgment.

It’s about being in a space of observing.

It’s about allowing.

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It’s about allowing Beingness to guide us instead of living in the head.


Does this mean you have to be sweet and gentle all the time, smiling sublimely because you are so “spiritual”?


As you allow the heart to be your “operating system”, all those lovely attributes will flow into your Being. You will naturally become the Love you wish to be, and wish to share with the world.

As soon as you become aware of judgment and negativity creeping into your thoughts, bring those feelings down into the heart, feel it expand and grow so that you can transmute those emotions and thoughts.

Energy follows thought.

How to achieve this?

Practice this visualization:

Imagine your Higher Self as a glowing orb of white light above your head.

Bring it down, slowly, through the head, past the throat, and into the heart. Allow it to expand to encompass your auric field. Be present in this feeling. Accept and know that you are changing your spiritual and physical blueprint, every time upshifting your vibration to be able to integrate more light.

Being aligned with this Power will ultimately bring physical, emotional and spiritual benefits. You will be in Divine Flow.


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You have chosen to be alive at this time.

Let your Light shine!








Solfeggio Meditation

Image result for image om symbol I had been feeling very stressed about events at home and abroad and although I am usually able to put aside recurring negative thoughts through practicing mindfulness and merely observing what is happening around me,  I decided to tune into some soothing Solfeggio music which is gentle and healing and I could feel myself calming down immediately, so I fetched my art paraphernalia and this was the result.


“For we are all angels, connected by Indivisible Perfection”



I loved the brief message that came through and when self-doubt and fear enter your mind, reflect on this: we are indeed angels, incarnated into human form, part of the One Great Energy that pervades Everything That Is.

Solfeggio frequencies can enhance meditation as well as facilitate out-of-body experiences. For more information, see





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Third Eye Blind

Message from above energy:

Stop believing that you are a mere human being: you are multidimensional, a fragment of the Divine One Who Cannot Be Named, an aspect reflected and refracted myriad times. You exist in all dimensions and as all things, whether it be a leaf, blade of grass, an ant. Your angry thoughts manifest as hate, as murderous human beings who are merely that part of you you refuse to acknowledge, for we are all One, All of us, a vast unimaginable manifested energy that exists as  what you call consciousness. Even so-called “aliens” are but another part of you. You have always existed, you always will. You are here to experience and co-create a new reality, so get to work, learn to open your Third Eye to experience the wondrous other dimensions that exist.

You choose to be blind, you choose to see hate and to feel anger. You can change all that. Re-program yourself, stop being manipulated by dogma and allow yourself to THINK beyond what you have been led to believe is true. You are not your thoughts, you are far more than that.


Love Unconditionally.


Third Eye Chakra image by C.Price



Megadriel: “My Great Help is God”

When I first encountered this energy, it revealed its name to be Megadriel. It was one of the very first guides/spirits/angels that came to me. I remember feeling a great rush of love for this Being, and felt that It was the one I saw when I was doing vigils as a Hospice volunteer.


This great towering pillar of Light would appear next to the patient. If It was further away from the person, it meant that the final passage would be in a day or two, but if It was next to the patient, there would be only a few hours before the spirit was exhaled into the Infinite Void.

Megadriel appears very stern; a no-nonsense entity of immeasurable power. I discovered that the name meant “My Great Help is God” and that It is the regent of the seraphim, cherubim and Archangels.

As you can see from my illustration, the eyes are strange, not human. Angels are not human; in my experience they are energetic entities of great power and presence. They are genderless, eternal and are in charge of the different levels of interdimensional “reality” of our particular Universe – as I understand, there are many levels of reality beyond ours, and our comprehension of the holographic nature of our existence is kept secret until we are able to comprehend it. As science advances and we are better able to grasp certain concepts, so we will be given transmissions of information to further our understanding, perception and experience of reality.

I have felt Its presence throughout the years, which is very comforting, and Megadriel has guided my spiritual progress.



Nature’s Gift on Mother’s Day

My kids were not able to be with me on this day, and I am unable to be with my mother, who lives 8,000 miles away. I am not sentimental and while I miss them and would love to have them all here, they live in my heart in the space even between seconds.

My garden has been readying itself for summer and because it hasn’t rained for a few days, I decided to go and water the plants (and the weeds!) To my surprised delight I discovered the Love of the Universe has gifted me with the first rose bloom, beautifully fragrant, the first peony and a few others that have decided to show me their love!

I had no inkling they would be blooming today, it certainly didn’t seem like they would when I spoke to them yesterday!

May you all have a glorious day! My heart is filled with gratitude!

Angelic Intervention

If ever you doubted that angels are taking care of us, nudging us to make different choices, I have to just tell you, yes, they work pretty darn hard for us.
Spirit of Cancer: Angel Muriel
I was supposed to meet with a friend in the town of South Hill, about 14 miles from where I live, on Thursday, but the weather was terrible and quite frankly, I just did not feel like being on the road in a big storm. That storm actually blew down a small tree which blocked the road near our house…in retrospect, it was a powerful message that I was not to go anywhere! So, the upshot is, I didn’t go, but stayed home and enjoyed the storm.
On Friday I was supposed to meet another friend to do some energy work, but she cancelled, saying she had some business she needed to take care of, so again, I stayed home.
My friend Lisa,  too, had talked about meeting for dinner in the same town on Friday evening but plans didn’t work out.
I didn’t mind too much, but I felt a bit housebound and needed to get out for a bit. Living in a rural area is great, but sometimes I need to see other human beings! I had noticed that  my vehicle had developed a slow puncture, so at about three o’clock  on Friday afternoon I decided to go and have it repaired. I drove all the way to South Hill and had the problem taken care of.
As one of the mechanics reversed the car out of the bay, the others noticed brake fluid pouring out of the front of the car.
They were unable to help me; their job is Lube and Tires, but they kindly took a look, muttering that it would be difficult to drive, especially since the emergency brake is difficult to access in my GMC Safari van.
I had to have the vehicle towed back home. I waited nearly two hours for the tow truck to arrive and got home at about 6:30 that night. It was pitch dark already, and the tow truck driver had quite a time of it since our driveway is steep and lined with trees.
When I was finally able to sit down and relax,  it hit me: If I had gone to South Hill to visit my friends, or if I had gone out  for dinner, the brakes would have failed on me,  it would most likely have happened on the way back from South Hill, and I would have had a really bad accident.  The speed limit on the I85 is 70 m.p.h, so I would not have been going slowly. The brakes were completely  shot, the brake fluid was pouring out of the brake line; I would not have been able to stop.
And I had to smile, because the tow truck guy has something about Jesus written on the side of his truck – it was like he was an angel sent to help me get the car back (Okay, I know, I know, it was Allstate that sent him 😉 )
Mentally, I thanked all of my friends for canceling our appointments, and for making this NOT happen!
I have been truly fortunate. Thank you to all my guardian angels and helpers and guides. Thank you thank you thank you!
Your guardian angels and guides are always there for you, just open your hearts and open your eyes to see the messages they continually send us to remind us of their presence!