Healing the Psyche and Collective Unconscious

Healing from a trauma does not mean you should forget it.

Healing means that it no longer has power over you, so that you are no longer emotionally entangled with the pain of the event or trauma.

It is our collective duty to help those who have suffered deep pain from the past through mass events, such as war, the Holocaust, slavery, genocide and all the other miseries the human species has managed to inflict upon its fellows.

We are connected through our thoughts by means of the astral level. We are all able to access the lower astral, in the fourth dimension, a layer of reality in which all thoughts and deeds, and words and actions are stored. We draw from it continually, and we add to it and we can use it to further our potential on this planet.

How? Well, you must have sometimes experienced seemingly coincidental occurrences, such as thinking of someone, only to have them call you a few minutes later, or of several people coming up with the same idea, sometimes from across the globe?

They are tapping into the collective unconscious, a kind of massive thought form from whence many draw inspiration.That is the astral plane, which exists in the fourth dimension.

There is nothing new under the sun. It has all existed before, thought before, experienced before.

We can add to it by thinking positively, by spreading joy and laughter and healing. In this way we create a lighter, better energised aspect of the astral, one that will benefit each and every individual

We can do it through affirmations, prayer, meditation, toning, singing and laughter. Not laughter at the expense of others, but joyful laughter.

Happiness is a Choice.

The words and symbols that cause immense pain need to be healed and that needs to be changed. The “N-word”, the swastika, certain words and images and beliefs that evoke pain and anger, all these are merely words and symbols but they have been imbued with emotion that overwhelms those who have not healed their own pasts. Only when each individual has learned not to react on the emotional level to an inanimate thing, will we be able to move forward as a species. We are mired in our own emotional garbage, wallowing in the pain of a past that is an illusion. 

The past exists only in the mind, it is not real. The future isn’t real either. Only NOW exists. practice being in that NOW moment. Practice forgiveness constantly. In this way you release long held pain; only through forgiving can we move forward and heal.

If we all did this, consciously, we will change the emotional patterning that we have been imprinted with. We will learn not to react with anger, because we will realize that it means nothing.

What is it you desire by becoming angry over these things? Recognition of your own pain and suffering? Is this a cry for help, a cry for attention?

Do good works if this is your mission. Be kind, be mindful, be aware. That is the key: awaken to your true nature, your connection to Spirit, for you are all part of each other and I am that part of you that wants you to awaken, to realize that you are not just a body, not just intellect or emotions. You and I are inextricably intertwined as each other, we are each other. The Bible states somewhere that you are your brother’s keeper. It is more than that, you are your brother, your sister, you have existed always as a fragment in the One Mind.

We are the sum total of All that Is, the I am that I Am. “Be still and know that I am God” is not referring to a God “out there”, it is referring to YOU YOURSELF.

Once we truly realize our divinity we can heal and move on, and create a heaven on Earth, so that we can enjoy our humanness in a loving, conscious way.

This will take time, time as we perceive it to be, but that is but another illusion.




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