Soul Mates

The idea of “soul mates” is a widespread belief, and is rooted in the idea that someone “out there” will one day find you, sweep you off your feet, and carry you off into the sunset. This perfect person, the mirror image of your own inner desires, tastes, thoughts and ideals is going to be your perfect mate, now and forever. We harbor illusions of this perfect person who will never get angry, will always be chivalrous, generous, shave, brush his/her teeth and forgive our transgressions. Why? Because we each of think we are perfect, so how can anyone possibly not admire, adore and set us on a pedestal where we surely belong?

Do you hear the cosmic laughter right now?

Are the angels giggling too? I know I am!

Your soul mate is the person who agreed to incarnate with you to teach you the lessons you have chosen to experience.

They can be a reflection of what lies deeply hidden within you, thus shining the spotlight on your weaknesses and vulnerabilities. Ouch, you didn’t expect that, did you?

It takes more than love to overcome our flawed perceptions and reactions to challenges. It takes time, forgiveness, loyalty and compassion not only towards others, but also towards yourself. Your astro chart will tell you where your strengths are, and where your weaknesses lie. Familiarize yourself with that chart, study it until you understand that YOU are your own best friend, and your own worst enemy. Your ego is what drives your life on earth, forms your personality and creates the multitude of challenges and opportunities for forgiveness.


Life is one long lesson. Enjoy the ride!

In Peace and Love,




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