Unified Field of Energy

The current unrest  that has exploded into the terrible violence in Kenya, the mass murder by a German pilot is a reflection of the times we live in. “April”, as T.S. Eliot wrote in “The Wasteland”, “…is the cruelest month…” It brings to mind that most tragic event: the Columbine High School shootings, which occurred on the birthday of Adolf Hitler as well as other tragedies, too many to mention.

What is it about April that is so awful? It is the beginning of Spring, as the sun moves into Aries, the first sign of the zodiac, ruled by fiery Mars. It is a time of renewal, of growth and of new beginnings. Why then do all these terrible things happen at this time?

But all this, all of this, all means nothing, really. Not unless you want it to.

Everything we believe creates an energetic blueprint. Every single thought that we have, becomes part of the unified field of energy that we exist in. It is not measurable, and even that probably exists only in our imaginations, the imagination that helps us create or destroy our reality.

All the negative thoughts we carry in our minds, the negative input from countless news broadcasts, the horrible and often cruel comments people make to each other and on social media, all of this negativity coalesces into a wave of energy that vibrates to a level that some people can resonate with. Those whose beliefs allow them to dwell in the darkness instead of the light will attract that energy, and it grows within the ego that feeds upon hatred, divisiveness and duality.

Hatred can be directed at others, and sometimes it is directed at the self.

Let it be known that we cannot exist upon hatred and negativity. Make a conscious and concerted effort to bring your mind back to the present now moment whenever you become aware of what you are thinking. Know that YOU ARE NOT YOUR MIND…your soul and your spirit, your real true self, is not your thinking mind!

Like attracts like. It is a simple but true statement. Focus on the good, the positive and allow yourself to attract good into your life: love, joy and light. So yes, it is a good investment and it will be returned to you over and over again!




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