When Spirit Guides

Yesterday was a day surprises. The sun was actually shining after a week of snow and frozen precipitation, and the other big delight was a talk I attended about the Canadian psychic artist, Alma Rumball.

At the age of fifty, Alma became a recluse after she had a vision of Jesus. The vision had opened up her ability to receive clairvoyant messages and her hand began to draw intricate patterns and images of its own volition. Light activation codes are embedded in the drawings, and one cannot fail to be drawn to them, to absorb them and to marvel at the workings of Spirit.

Wendy Oke married Alma’s nephew and is the “keeper” of the drawings, exhibiting them world wide. Alma died in 1980 and we are fortunate that Wendy has taken on the task of sharing them with us.

Here are a few of my favorites:

God of All Gods. Kalu Rinpoche, who is the spiritual advisor to the Dalai Lama, named this intricate, very beautiful drawing after being shown it. The Face of God is never revealed in any spiritual tradition, and while we catch a glimpse of it here, it is obscured and kept sacred, even in this representation.
Cheyennes Lady
Aba’s Mission.

Please visit http://www.almamatters.ca/  for more information about Alma and Wendy’s story. Click on “Gallery” to see more of this amazing work. Copies of the drawings may be ordered from Wendy.

Thank you Wendy, you are a fountain of Light!


Dancing Lady

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