Doubts and Questions

No person who has ever questioned his existence and found some answers as he wandered along the path to gaining self-knowledge has said, “Oh yes, I went from point A to Z and it was a breeze.”  Perhaps if you are a follower of a particular brand of spirituality (yes, believe me the whole things has become fraught with fraudsters and the whole New Age Movement is trying to ensnare you to spend you money) then you would be guided through the many steps without complications, self doubt and questions.

However, in my experience each new idea that resonated, each idea I made mine through meditation and questioning was followed by a period of spiritual testing. “How well did you understand that lesson? How well were you able to apply what you have learned?”

Its not a straight, smooth path. It is filled with doubt and the only way you can get past those is to meditate, and to ask for help.

And help comes.

After my previous posting I felt as if something vital had been stripped away from me.

I truly felt that if life was an illusion, then so too are the experiences I have had over the many years of finding God. I decided that night not to worry about it, and asked for help, for guidance, for some proof that my experiences were valid and not just a figment of my imagination. And yet, at the same time I knew that my mind, my brain could construct those “proofs” as part of the illusions, that it could manifest the help I needed because I was drawing it to me. I was being the observer of what I wanted to create: proof that there are higher realms, through subtle messages and tangible asked for proof.

And yes, it was there, the very next day, the proof I had sought. My questions were answered.

It is a feeling in the heart, a knowing that is centered there, and not in the brain. The ego cannot deal with this. It wants to be “king”, it cannot bear to be disregarded.

The heart was glowing and happy, the mind was stilled.

We are a part of a greater whole, and each tiny aspect of ourselves resonates to discover the truth of who and what we are. Trust and surrender, and the truth will be shown to you. Accept the love that flows to you, relish it, cherish it and know, You are Part Of the ONE.




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