Going Beyond the Beyond

This is so difficult to put into words, but the realisation…the full absolute realization of what we are, why we are here, and what we are supposed to be doing finally hit me, and it has played with my mind, that part of me that tries to make sense of things, quantify things, put matters in perspective… everything is an illusion and we have have been living in this since we began to live here as human beings, millions of years ago.

The game of trying to “find ourselves” is nothing but an ego driven need to escape this 3D reality and the mind constructs any number of delusions to help us cope with this dream that we exist in. We exist in a dream that is a dream.

I didn’t pursue “Enlightenment” as a goal, but the many realizations I have had over the years have led me from experience to experience and now I have to ask, was this too, all part of the dream? I was deluding myself that there was indeed something beyond the beyond, the unseen “reality” of everything. I had congratulated myself that I was aware of the “box” we existed in: the man made rules, the thoughts that shape our existence, the petty beliefs we relied on to set us apart from others. These further alienates us from others who are secure in their faith and who steadfastly hold on to that illusion.

So if everything is a construct of the human imagination, so too must be the idea of spirit guides, angels and different levels of etheric existence. Those are mentioned in holy books and is an idea we want to aspire to. We have an inherent need (some of us) to be able to experience the Divine, to be able to reunite with that blissful non-existing existence and all I can say is: well, I think I made all that up. It was an idea. It is an idea that can be experienced. But we are more than that. We are energy and we have constructed ideas of higher realms as something to grow towards, something that we want to attain. We find life on earth to be so full of pain that we create a whole construct of alternative realities. By holding on to these ideas we create a desire to return, so that we can measure our progress, not realizing that it really is irrelevant to pursue this idea of spiritual perfection.

Deconstructing the divine is more than professing atheism. It is not that I feel a need to identify with atheists, but a knowing through experience that no matter what we do, what we believe in or experience, there is a greater Something that we return to. Our “consciousness” does not die and it can linger on in the many layers beyond this reality because this is what we believe. But ultimately we return to become light particles, stardust, if you wish.

There is no need for reincarnation, there is no karma, there is just the Light. Light is energy in motion. We are energy, and energy does not die, it can only be transformed into something else.

I really know nothing. Sorry, I cannot help you. You have to find your own idea.


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