Through the Plasma Veil

I had an amazing experience today while meditating. I started with some breathwork, and chanted five OM’s, and saw myself absorbing a fountain of light which entered through my crown chakra, illuminating all of the rest and the light/energy shooting down into the crystalline center of Gaia, from where it returned and literally fountained out of my heart.

Next I felt myself moving through a plasma screen, it was similar to a shimmer of heat, or a mirage  and it had a vortex in the center. I emerged on the other side of it, sitting on a beach, looking down on our beloved Mother Earth. I could see that the place I was in was a holographic double of Earth, it exists on another level or frequency.

There were streamers of colored light emitting from my chakras and they formed a grid of light around the earth, and then some of the energy descended through certain points of a flower-of-life pattern that surrounded the planet from where it formed a cocoon of light around the stratosphere.

I have never felt so ecstatic! It was as if my heart chakra was bursting with a radiant love, it actually hurt.

I continued to feel and live this experience and then stepped back through the plasma shield, closed off my chakras and began to breathe normally again.

It was a fantastic experience.

May all my Lightworker friends continue to radiate Light and Love in this dark time. We are moving through a period in which wrongs are coming into the public consciousness, and these must be righted. Other energies are sweeping the planet in the form of hurricanes, volcanic activity and earthquakes. May you all be safe.

Know that you are loved.




I tried to Google the image I saw, thinking it might have been something I had seen, but I couldn’t find anything that approximates the vision.


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