Trigger Words and Images

In our human experience, there are many times when Spirit gives us the opportunity to remember who and what we are. We each resonate or awaken to the next level of conscious awareness, and we take a little step up from where we were before. It may be just a little thing, a tiny something; something to open the eyes, the heart, the mind. It could be a word, a phrase, a picture, a symbol.

This jolt could also come from a place we visit, or a song, a melody. The night sky and the stars have been powerful reminders of our past and our future if we are but able to be still enough to allow the memory to surface.



These memories often cause an emotional response to well up to whatever we are seeing, hearing or experiencing. Dreams, too can have the same result.

Hypnotists practice past-life regression use certain “trigger words” to take the conscious mind to a different reality, thereby allowing the ego to step out of the way and allow a deeper, or perhaps “higher” consciousness to operate through the mind.

Our lives should not merely be lived as if the time in between being born and dying is just a filler for drudgery. We chase after materiality as if we can take it with us in the afterlife, like the Egyptians. The riches are in your experiences and your connection with your own higher Consciousness. You are here to have a life full of experiences, learning to love, forgive and create. It is a journey full of surprises and ups and downs. Pain and sorrow are emotions we experience at times. Know them to be lessons in life, experiences just like joy and ecstasy.

No one is immune to challenges that life brings us, not even the wealthiest person on the planet.

For without love, we are nothing. Our relationships are what define our lives. Remembering who are what we were in a past life may help to understand certain problems, but ultimately we have to move beyond that, let it go, and live your life as if it is the only one you will ever have. We cannot go back into the past, for there is no past, it is all happening now in any case. Every past life you have ever had is a facet of the diamond that you are, and it is all there, holographically programmed like a movie theater showing different movies at the same time. You can observe each one, and enjoy it, or cry, but those are mere reminders that right now, you are not that image on the screen. Right now you are having a new experience.

The triggers are there to remind you to look beyond the obvious. Think for yourself. Turn off the distractions that waste so much time and relish the beauty of who you are in the now moment. The belief in karma is just a belief, you do not need to tie yourself into that program.

You are a spark of the Divine made into human form; you may have had lived on other planets or have been the Queen of Sheba. Ponder what it means and how it affects your current circumstances, learn what you need to know, and move on. This knowledge is but a step into understanding your true nature, your innate divinity and connection to All that Is.

The greatest lesson is Love, Forgive and Let Go. This enables the soul to move forward without being cluttered by the past. Even the worst person on the planet serves a purpose, and by forgiving the person, forgiving the circumstances and forgiving ourselves we show love and compassion, thereby releasing all guilt, shame and self-recrimination.

You are an individualized spark of the Energy of the Universe, here to expand the consciousness of the All that Is through your own life and experience, whether it be “good” or “bad”. You are a part of the Great Cosmic Mind, experiencing and learning so that we all benefit as a collective consciousness.


Live, Love and Enjoy!






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