All is Well

Sometimes, when we step out of the certainty that all is well, that all is exactly as it should be, we allow ourselves to be overcome by doubts and worries. This is a very common experience, and unless the thoughts are checked, the doubt and anguish can spiral into depths of despair.
Be aware of your thoughts. Observe the mind and the self-chatter. Thrust away thoughts that do not serve you, for they are but mind temptations to drag you down with them. 
Mindfully enter again that space of Pure Love and Being and Know that All is Well, right now, right this second, all is exactly as it was meant to be.
Tune your mind into the Divine Mind, allow the waves of worry to be washed away, they will always come and go, but Infinite Spirit is steadfast, an energy and power that you can tune into at any time.
I read this wonderful quote today and had to share it, for it is a perfect answer to so many who struggle with this issue:
When Atisha was in Tibet he had an Indian assistant who was always criticizing him. When the Tibetans asked him why he kept this assistant when there were many faithful Tibetans who would be more than happy to serve him, Atisha replied, ‘Without this man, there would be no one I could practice patience with. He is very kind to me. I need him!’ Atisha understood that the only way to fulfill his deepest wish to benefit all living beings was to achieve enlightenment, and that to do this he needed to perfect his patience. For Atisha, his bad-tempered assistant was more precious than material possessions, praise, or any other worldly attainment.
Geshe Kelsang Gyatso – “Eight Steps to Happiness”
Practice Mindfulness.
All is Well.

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