Hold on to your Vision

Dreams, I find, have different meaning for me than some of the dream book interpretations. 







When I dream of a baby, it means someone I know or am familiar with, will pass over to the other side of this reality.

The more I hold the baby, the closer is the person to me emotionally.


images weddings


These represent funerals.


images water


Water represents emotional problems ahead. If I am swimming it’s going to involve lots of tears and sadness.


I won’t place an image of poop, I’m sure you all know what it looks like!

When I dream of poop, it means I am going to come into money!

Dirt road:

download dirt road


A dirt road signifies a journey, or travel, to unusual places, as well as difficulties. When there is a mountain in the dream, it means “uphill” battles.



download flying

Dreams such as flying mean that I am having an out of body experience, as a child they were often of myself riding a bicycle that was taller than the trees! The best time to have OBE’s is in fall, and if I fall asleep with the sun shining on me, I have a tough time coming back into my body.

My most significant dreams, and these are usually prophetic, occur just before I wake up, which is great because I am able to remember them better then! I do have lucid dreams as well, where I can go back to sleep and continue in the dream. 

I would love to hear about some of your own dreams, please share, if you wish!






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