Setareh, the Sapphire Shield and F#

I was working on the spirit portrait of the entity below, and when I thought I was done, I apparently was not, for she insisted that she wore the insignia that appears above her shoulder. She referred to herself as being part of the “Keepers of the Sapphire Shield” and that the frequency she resonates with was F#.

Listen here:


This was new information for me and I didn’t quite know what the “Sapphire Shield” is. I asked for further information during dream state and was shown a shield of vibrating energy, in a deep dark blue color, that was a conduit for accessing spiritual knowledge by meditating to F#, the Hertz frequency of 739.99. The shield opens or gives access to Higher Realms of Knowledge and can be used for healing since it vibrates to the frequency cycles that resonate with the Heart. The Shield was reminiscent of the “Stargate” often depicted in scifi movies, it is in effect a portal to a higher dimension and by attuning oneself to it, the light quotient of the body is increased, and cellular DNA re-patterning can occur through the frequency of the sound waves.





If you would like to meditate to F# tones and the 739.99 Hz tones, try this link:





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