Cancer: Why?

Dearly Beloveds,
The channel has been praying and meditating on the nature of cancer, and We in Spirit know that much suffering and grief and pain accompany this affliction of the body.
Dear Ones, Please know that each single individual who develops this disease has chosen it as a life lesson, not only for the experience of Self, but also for the experience and the ability to develop compassion in others.
While this may be obvious to you, We wish to stress here that this dis-ease is more complex than that. In the beginning when the human form first became a vehicle for Spirit, there was no disease. This disease developed as a result of certain inhospitable environmental factors which were brought to earth from elsewhere; a planet that was contaminated millions of years ago. Those live microbes have traveled through the universe on a fragment from this now extinct habitat and bombarded Earth upon its entry into the biosphere of this planet.
Every single soul, and I emphasize: EVERY SINGLE SOUL who has developed this disease chose to get it in order to help find a cure. The brave souls who have volunteered for this mission have done so expressly to advance the treatment and eradication of this dreadful disease. New treatments are being tried as consciousness and understanding evolves, and there will come a day when this affliction no longer exists. It will go the way of leprosy, and tuberculosis and other once fatal diseases.
You are all here on a very special mission, to return earth to the Paradise it was before, through mindful advancement of technology and spiritual consciousness. There are many millions of souls who have forgotten who they are; do not despair, for while you may see the world through a lens of Light, they are here to learn and remember their original Selves, and many dwell in darkness. Always send them Love in your Prayers, and bathe them in Light, for they truly are your brothers and sisters, there is no difference between you and they, all are part of the Divine Self.
This channel does not like to do this, but she will send this message to those who need to know. 
May your Lives be lived in memory and glorification of the One.

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