The Greening

I was meditating on trees this morning, and received the message that the spirits that inhabit trees choose to do this because they provide us with so many of the things we need to be able to sustain ourselves on this beautiful planet. Although they exist in that form for sometimes up to a thousand years (the Giant Sequoias live even longer) they have no concept of time and get to rest during the winter. They feel young again every spring. They ask us to be mindful of them, that is, to send them Love and Light when we walk under them because they love humans who are sensitive to their energies. The destruction of the rainforest and other deforestation makes them sad. They do not mind being harvested when it is done with care and the intention to help, but when it is done for greed we destroy ourselves and our habitat in the process.  


This painting wanted to be done, to show that spirit exists within each tree, and also that this energy is a collective one. They remind us that humans are part of the Divine Energy and Purpose, and to honor that in them, and in ourselves. They are part of the original source energy that was brought in for the purpose of creating Earth as a beautiful planet for spirits that wished to experiment with a 3 D existence. Their awareness and consciousness is part of the entire plant kingdom, distinct from the mineral and human one. They are very happy that spring has arrived after the long cold winter we have had.




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