Prayer vs Meditation



Bliss, peace, love: all can be yours eternally if you realize that you exist within God.


Meditation is relaxing into the Beingness of God, listening and communing without words. It is allowing oneself to be in the Present Moment, the Eternal Now, for that is all there is. In the silence you will find peace, comfort and communion.

Prayer is asking and telling God what you want, what He needs to do to make your life happier. It stems from one’s inner fears: fear of lack, fear of death, fear of pain. It is ego driven which perceives the world we live in as real.

Do you think that He doesn’t already know?

Do you think all your needs are not already being met?

Do you think He needs to be told what to do?

Do you think He is an old man with a beard sitting on a white cloud?

Learn to meditate, learn to free yourself from the illusion. You are the Light, find it in yourself and know that I AM GOD.

He who rests in the eternal bliss of Love needs ask for nothing, for all things are already provided.





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