Angels of the First Heaven

Alimiel guards the curtain that faces God’s throne, Ashrulyu is one of the twenty Names of God and Elio is an assistant to the Archangel Ofaniel.

The message I received with these three angels was:

“Bless all ye who seek the Kingdom of God for ye are a face of the Almighty- KNOW THYSELF!”

We, each one of us, good bad and indifferent, are an aspect of the Creator. The Power of the Creator resides within each one of us. When you look into the mirror, you see the face of God, you see it in all the animals, all the creatures, great and small. All vibrate to a different level of energy in order to fulfil their task of experiencing Earth.

To “Know Thyself” means to truly KNOW that you are an aspect of the Divine I AM. Feel that love that dwells within you and surrounds you, express gratitude every moment for the opportunity to be here on this beautiful planet Earth. Accept and learn your lessons with grace and gratitude. They are not easy, but this is what you have chosen to experience as an aspect of God. You are God’s love personified, know it and BE it!

Be kind, be the LOVE that you know you are.

I was reminded of the verse from Revelations 21:1 :”Then I saw a new heaven and a new earth, for the first heaven and the first earth had passed away, and the sea was no more.” This reference could very well be applied today when the concept of Ascension is part of our consciousness. We can transcend the intellectual and spiritual strictures of the past and truly KNOW God, through prayer and meditation. By loosening the grip of who you think you are and surrendering into BEING, you grow spiritually. Trust, and surrender and know that you are God.




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