Saturn, the Sun, the Earth

During a recent meditation I was shown the image of Saturn and received the message that I was a “child of Saturn”, followed by an image of the Sun, then Earth. The images bounced back to Saturn, then the Sun, then Earth in a perpetual triangle.



The influence of Saturn is one of having to face the shadow side of one’s Being. We have good and bad in all of us, and by acknowledging this we are able to make better choices.

Greek mythology tells us the father of Zeus was the Roman God Saturn, or Kronos according to the Greeks, the one who devoured his offspring after they were born because he feared their power and that they would usurp him. Zeus, however, was protected by his mother, and he returned to battle his father, overthrew him and became king. Kronos is the god of Time, and mortality. he urges us to fulfill our mission, our life’s work or plan while on Earth.


Saturn makes us face our darkness, our obsessions and our fears. It has great influence over us in our early twenties, and then in our early fifties. This is often referred to as a “Saturn return”. I often compare it to the time when our karma or our main lesson in life comes in to zap us out of our comfort zone and take us where we really, really, don’t want to go! This is a time when we have to face our greatest fears, for some it can lead to divorce, to others, bankruptcy, loss of loved ones…you get the picture. It’s painful, it’s nasty, and you have to get through it. You have to make it to the other side in order to grow in spirit; you have to take up the challenge and meet it square on. Your deepest fears, you innermost secrets, all will be laid bare for you and others to see. Not pleasant, believe you me!

I had done battle with my Saturn return and I faced the darkness, the loss of things on so many levels and I feel that I had emerged after I surrendered, forgiven and accepted…

This is not an overnight lesson, it is deep work that requires time, and persistent effort.


So, what is the role of the Sun?

The Sun, is where it all begins, in astrology. The position of the sun dictates what astrological sign you are born under. My sun sign is Scorpio, a sign noted for its interest in all things spiritual, mysterious and esoteric. Life, sex, death…that is what Scorpio is about.



But the Sun, as a force of Light, as a purifying fire burns away all the dross and accumulated baggage and releases the soul to begin anew.

The Third Image, Earth

Planet Earth is our school, the place we have incarnated upon to enrich our souls, our collective unconscious and to extend the wisdom and love  of our Creator. It is the solid feel of earth beneath our feet, the place that grounds us and makes us walk, or plod along a path we have chosen as our destiny.




The message was clear to me: you have learned one of your most important lessons, your karma has been purified and the remainder of your time here is a blessing. Do what you can to enlighten others, to teach what you have learned.

What I have learned:

  • face your fears
  • do not give in to self pity…if you do, keep it short!
  • forgive, forgive, forgive
  • be kind to others, we know not what they are suffering, or what their lessons are
  • have your astro chart done, it will teach you a lot about yourself and the lessons you have chosen to learn
  • open your heart chakra through meditation and radiate love, unconditionally and constantly

May you be blessed.





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