Council of Elders

During a very deep meditation this morning I was taken before the Council of Elders who gave me a special directive concerning private matters and questions I had. The symbol for this  member of the Council of Seven was to remind me to be courageous and to share my knowledge without fear. I am somewhat timid about some things, preferring to keep them to myself, but I have been reprimanded that I should stop being afraid and that my experiences are valid and true. The symbol was validated three times by signs I had seen this morning, so I am posting this beautiful, very special picture for those of you who might appreciate this watercolor.

A note about my style: I have been aware for some time that the artist who used to paint through me, Mariahala, has been replaced with a different artist. This shows up in the level of Beings and Energies that I have been able to access.

I give a multitude of thanks and infinite gratitude to all, to my spirit guides and the most revered Council for their message.

May you all find the Light within you.

Much Love,

Shamuel, Elder in Council of Seven





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