Strange Guide

A few weeks ago a rather startling looking- or shall I say, “startled looking” spirit came through. She was quite insistent that I paint her, so I went into a trance, and did a watercolor of her. She said her name was Annemarie de Trevignant, that she was French. She had lived during the 1600’s, and that she had known one of my friends during a life in France. She said she was not a guide but wanted me to tell my friend about her, and so I did. 

My friend Lisa seemed quite delighted. She told me she often dreams in French, although she does not speak it! She feels a strong connection with Belgium, which is a French-speaking country.

I tried to do some research on this lady, and there IS information about her online, but it is all in French, and I have no clue what it says, so if anyone fancies doing some sleuthing for me, I would be quite thrilled to learn more.

As you can see, she is rather intense. 



She has a prominent energy in the throat chakra and seems to have a rather scattered looking aura. The symbols on the left are healing symbols, according to her. I thought she might be a Cathar, but the date -1600’s- does not fall into the Cathar era because they predate this lady by a few hundred years.


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