The Destruction of Mars

I have been driven to write this post, it is stranger than any information I have received or have been compelled to write.

A few days ago I started doing a watercolor of a picture I had seen of the Martian surface.



Unfortunately the painting morphed into something quite unexpected and what would have been an interesting color palette of pinks became filled with red spheres, and the resulting mess triggered a channeling from a Being that wore a headdress much like the one I have seen Queen Nefertiti wear.  Image

“The civilization on Mars was destroyed by an experiment in which what you call nuclear power was misused to redirect an asteroid from the Kuiper/Asteroid Belt that had left its orbit and although we tried to blow it out of its orbit we could not prevent it from hitting us. There had been a miscalculation and while one of fragments did break off, it was drawn into the Earth’s orbit where it caused massive destruction to the life forms that existed there at the time.

“The main part of the asteroid exploded into many smaller fragments which caused raging fires and earthquakes which over a period of less that ten of your years, destroyed the planet, wiping out everything that grew here. We could not escape, there was no salvation except to take on a spirit form that allowed us to reconnect with Divine Source once more. The councils were very disappointed that Mars had not been saved, but felt that the life forms on Terra would not have been sustainable in the long run. Thus whatever was left on Terra became more refined, smaller and less dangerous to the humanoids that were seeded there to begin the experiment that is still evolving on that planet.

“Mars had been cultivated over many many billions of years, to become a habitable planet. The Sun was hotter back then, and the temperature on the planet had been perfect for creating and sustaining life. yes, we had an atmosphere, we had water. As these resourced became depleted over time, we began to live underground and take on more ethereal forms until we no longer needed any of the products that are needed to sustain life as you know and define it.

” At that stage the life forms on Terra that eventually became human, were not recognisable as human back then, the life forms were in the inception stage, since the council-creator energies were still moulding form and working out how to best develop a form that could walk upright, have speech and memory. This was billions of years ago, and those forms existed in tandem with many other life forms which made the planet inhospitable for sustaining life as you know it now.”

“Please be informed that it is only on this planet, Terra, that spirit has come to inhabit a humanoid body. It is a unique experiment that has not yet reached its full potential as we are continually tweaking the form, the brain centre and capabilities that require the regaining of spirit memory in order for it to function effectively, to recall its divine origins and to create a mirror image of the heaven that many have glimpsed existing in the fourth dimension. This hologram cannot be overlayed as of yet, there are too many lessons still to be learned, the most important one being the ability to control thought, and to control violence which mankind thrives on. This continual need for drama, for pain, for emotion is seen in everything you do, say or feel. There has to be a major shift in consciousness in order for the wounds to heal, forgiveness to be practised and for the expansion of love through the opening of the heart chakra to be accomplished.

“I am, your loving companion, Ra-Sanui. Until we meet again!”

Well. Quite an admonishment, I would say. We have work to do, mon amis!

Yeah well, that and my attempts at creating art!




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