Reincarnation: A Perspective

The monotheistic religions of Christianity,  Image

Judaism and Islam all eschew the concept of reincarnation whereas older religions such as Hinduism, Buddhism, Native American and African beliefs, to name but a few, all include the concept that the soul will be reborn in another, new body.


All of them differ slightly, and in some faiths we find the belief in the transmigration of souls which means that there is a belief that the soul can be reborn in an animal form. 

In my understanding we are all of the same Spirit that has a desire to know itself and its creation. That spirit has fragmented itself in an effort to create and to experience, and that planet Earth is but one of the millions of places we can have an opportunity to explore, create and experience. Earth is a place of immensely dense energies, the only place where we are given free will, to create or to destroy, to love or to hate.


After death we enter the fourth dimension where most of the souls from the earth plane are trapped. We are trapped because of our beliefs. We create what we believe, and millennia of dogmatic beliefs have created our “Heaven” and our “Hell”. Those beliefs have become concretised in the fourth dimension where psychics can access information which is merely the next level of energetic existence. There are many, many more levels beyond that. All the information that ever was, all the history of mankind, every thought, word and deed is recorded here and exists for us to access if we wish. This is where we go when we dream, this is the level from which mediums and psychic channel from. It contains all the wisdom as well as all the bad thoughts we have ever had.

How do we evolve beyond this? How do we break the chain of reincarnation?

Firstly, through meditation; secondly, by realizing that even the concept of reincarnation is a BELIEF. Once you can free yourself of the belief in any of this, you will begin to learn about higher levels of existence.

Of course, there is much more to this than just giving up on those beliefs. You have to completely trust in the creative Force, you have to give up on fear. If you can give up living in fear, you will learn to love. Love as I have said before, Love is the glue of the Universe, or Universes, it is the one force that creates, it is the All That Is. Do not confuse it with romantic love which is attachment to another person. It goes far beyond that and includes the absolute decree that all be forgiven, unconditionally. If we are merely souls living a human life, it means we are struggling together, therefore you cannot judge one another.

Are you going to allow yourself to grow, to explore other dimensions without being afraid? Live your life, be the best You that you can be: forgive, love and meditate. 

Please understand that this is but a surface scratching; there is a great deal more to know, to explore and to understand.

Hugs and Love to you All!

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