The Facilitator, Death

I have been aware that many people that come into my life have to experience an intense transformation  as a result of knowing me, being my friend or having a relationship with me. I say this in all humility, and it was painful to realize and acknowledge this fact. Transformation works both ways, of course, it is a synergistic energy of exchange, a coupling of time and space, of Karma and Love in action.

No one remains unaffected by another, no matter what your role or place in their life you may be. We are in this soup together, and blend together to make it all taste good! We give a little here, take a little there, and in the end we have survived the cauldron of life, emerging as steam, or rather Spirit ( to continue the soupy analogy!).

During a profound meditation, using my crystals as conduits to open up realms of the past, I saw the radiant Being of the Christed One, His Love encompassing All. I also saw the symbols of the Cross, the Rose and the Heart. This is the symbol of the Rosicrucian Order


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As I went deeper into my meditation, connecting with the radiant energy of the Christ, I saw him riding on a donkey, on His way to Bethlehem, signalling the beginning of the episode that would end in His crucifixion. I, like everyone else in that drama played my part.

There were many, many of us who had lived  then, and are living again now. We were soulmates bringing about the transformation of the world as we knew it then, and we are doing it again… the lessons are the same, transformation through endings and new beginnings. Our current world order has to die and be resurrected for we simply cannot continue this way, abusing our Planet, and allowing the large scale suffering that exists worldwide. Many of our institutions, banks and governments will fail because they are unsustainable models, open to corruption and greed.

I am not an activist, but i see things from a different perspective. Mankind has evolved sufficiently for the numbers of consciously evolved beings to make a difference through sending Love to all the people and sentient beings on Earth. Many will take up arms for this is what they know. Make Love your weapon of choice, send it in all direction. Love transmutes all.


Light may be misused by those working with negativity, it is for this reason that radiant energy of Love be shared, rather than Light.


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