2014, Silver Grid of Light

As we start to merge with the energy of 7, I see a silver grid of Light enshrouding our planet, bringing new energy and a renewed optimism that will enhance every life. But there is work to be done,  we need to all continue to strive to connect more deeply with our Higher Selves, to download Light and Love into our own physical and astral layers to enhance our health and well-being.


Begin by drawing the Light in through the Crown and Fourth Eye, sending it to the Third Eye, raising the vibration of the Throat and anchoring the Light into the Heart, see the Heart energy expand, causing ripples of Love around us that magnify with each out breath. Continue bringing the Light down to the hara, down to the sacral and to the base. Continue seeing the Light flowing through you, to the knees and the feet, and bring it down right into the crystalline core of the earth, anchoring the Light to bring healing to our Mother. Stay there for a moment and visualize all of Creation, revelling in the Love that you bring, and then bring the violet Light of St. Germain up back through the feet, the knees, up into the Heart. Breathe out Love, and breathe it to every person and sentient being.

Allow this divine energy to fill your Being, send it back into the Earth. and ground it there with grace and ease, knowing that every step you take is holy ground, this space is your personal sacred space,  that you are perfect and divine, a flame of Light that can transmute energies and bring Light into every aspect of your being, connecting you to your own divine Beingness, and to the Central Sun, the Source of All that Is.

This will be a year of further introspection and connection, of learning, reading, quieting the mind; learning how to connect with Spirit in a way to benefit individual growth. If we do not grow and expand our knowledge, we cannot help ourselves our brothers or our planet.

Have a magnificent 2014!


In Love and Light,





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