Lucid Dreaming

When you are in a dream, and you know that you are dreaming, you are in a state referred to as “lucid” dreaming. Some people claim that it is not valid unless you are able to control the dream, orchestrate the actions as if it were a movie being directed by you, with your Self in the starring role. This is indeed possible but requires a deeper sense of awareness than the average person is interested in attaining. It needs dedication and practice, and let’s face it, most of us want to stay asleep once our heads have hit the pillows!

I have gone through some pretty intensive spiritual growth of late, with daily meditations, sometimes painting the essence of Beings I see. This is a great meditative tool for me since I go into a  trance-like state with specific rituals when setting up my space.

Two amazing dreams I recently had involved myself as a non-being, just an energy. In one of them I was flying through dark space and then went through a toroidal shape construct and was told that I was going through a dark hole. I saw this as a kind of initiation to a higher level and strangely, the books I needed to read to help me understand this better, simply fell into my lap, figuratively speaking!

The second one happened last night. Again, I was aware of traversing space and saw myself as a light, in the far, deep recesses of outer space. There were at least four other lights with me, and we were having a conversation, there was a lot of laughter and a sensation of knowing, “This is who you really are, a Light”. It felt very comforting and I was really happy out there in the blackness.

This dream was really an answer to a request I had made of my Higher Self to show me where I go when I am asleep. Now I know. I am hanging out with my soul group and we are sharing what we are learning while on Earth. I am a Light, part of the One, a spark in the heart of the Love that is All.

I have, at other times, been aware that I am assisting people during terrible times, the tsunami, earthquakes and other disasters, helping the struggling souls and the ones who remain in their bodies, both need healing and guidance.

Thank you to my many guides and especially Archangels Michael, Uriel, Gabriel and Raphael. They are my protectors and teachers and my heart flame burns all the brighter for their Love.


6 thoughts on “Lucid Dreaming

  1. Hello 😉
    glad to see other people dreaming well, i have a question for you.. do you always travel as a light ? or in some cases you are a human being ? How do you know that you are light, did you look to the mirror or you looked at your self or you just knew it ?

    1. It has occurred since I have been doing some very deep meditations. I knew myself as I was speaking as a light. It was an amazing experience. I have been having many OBE’s as well. I have always had prophetic dreams, sometimes they have been over very mundane things, but sometimes they have been more complex, where I was present in spirit after a bombing that occurred in the London Underground a few years back.

      1. When you are not sleeping/meditating, do you have a desire to help people and guide them ? Or it is happening only when you are dreaming/meditating ?

        Sorry for all the questions, i am just trying to answer my questions on how our mentality affects our dreams.

      2. I know that our daily activities influence our dreams and appear as symbols, but these are easy to interpret and understand why they occur. Referring to you question, yes I practice a number of healing modalities and I teach as well, write, paint and sing (for my own pleasure). My painting is done while in a semi-trance like state, I am not able to paint on my own. The pictures of guides and other spirit entities on this page are channeled using the gifts of an artist called Mariahala.
        Sorry it took so long to get back to you,please feel free to ask more questions. I am not entirely sure I have answered yours adequately 🙂

      3. Thanks for reply, you answered all my questions.

        Interesting hobby you got, keep doing what you are doing, i find it very interesting.

        See you 🙂

  2. Just wanted to share my experiences with lucid dreaming.

    When I first tried lucid dreaming I used tons of free electronic “guides” I found while scanning online blogs. However, after attempting these approaches for just under four months I continued to have no containment over my dreams.

    I conclude that the primary element that they were missing was the direct sound cues that I got when I bought a professional lucid dreaming guidebook with rather favorable reviews, the Lucid Dreaming Fast Track –

    When I dream now I can literally go to anywhere I like (yet usually I prefer moving over the universe).

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