The Ascension

The heightened current influx of energy which will culminate on December 21 is affecting many of those whose electrical circuitry and cellular energy is unprepared for the download of power. It is seen in the many violent acts by those who are not able to open up to Divine Guidance from within and the sad consequences can be seen on television on a daily basis.

Furthermore the Earth itself is responding to this by the random earthquakes and other unusual weather phenomena. Yes global warming is a fact and the planet is preparing for ascension too, so she is absorbing more energy from the solar center of our system. As we are but a small part in our galaxy we are moving towards the close or ending of an apococryphal era and moving into an age of loving consciousness, so our planet is more easily affected by these currents of energy from the greater system we are part of.

The planetary grids are activated to receive the influx and it is held in place by the Lightworkers, seen and unseen. The crystal grid is luminous and reflecting the enrgy not only to the planet but back into the solar system itself resulting in an “upgrade” of energy for all our planetary brothers and sisters. Our Pleiedean Council is overseeing this as well as members of other systems, the Arcturians and the Nephilim whose genetic codes have been implanted into the DNA of the human race to raise the consciousness of the species. Now the time has come for many of those who have absorbed the rods of enlightenment to continue to hold the light for those who are still wandering lost and afraid in athe darkness of their own creation.These are the ones wreaking havoc for they do not understand and have no guidance due to technical physical malfunction.

Rest assured that the souls who have sacrificed themselves to bring about progress on Earth to all humankind have not suffered in vain. We regret the pain that their human family feels but the greater cause is the upliftment and bringing of Love and Light to the greater whole. Fear not that they have suffered, it is only their physical bodies that have gone, they are everpresent and full of love. They forgive those who have caused harm for they know they participated to bring better laws on earth.This planet of 3 D is moving towards and into a different dimension, and soon all will be able to have access to what you term “clairvoyance”. It will graduallt be understood that this “seeing” or power is not to be misused for personal gain, but to access higher spiritual growth by accessing the astral whoch is the next plane to be mastered. This is what lies ahead for the enxt 2,500 year or therebaouts and after that, we will evolve onto the next one, the mental plane.

Know that this is merely a cycle, and that you have chosen to be here at this time. Take responsibility for your actions, breathe Love and Light into our planet and remember, remember that we are all ONE. Remember, you are not your body. Remember that you are the Light Divine and that the Masters who have come before us were Light bearers. Strive now to be part of that greater ONE.



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