Pleione’s Message


“There is no difference between us, we are all Beings of Light. Your bodies are three dimensional and this allows you to function on planet Earth.You chose to be on Earth, Terra or Gaia as you prefer….you incarnated into flesh because Lucifer, the most beloved of angels wanted to infuse human bodies with Spirit, to allow them to be conscious. In the process, ego was born and for a long, long time was what allowed humans to develop and evolve. The time is dawning when you should realize your true nature and you will discover who and what you truly are.


“You are never alone, you are surrounded and guided and Loved beyond measure for you are part of the Infinite Being that suffuses all with the Divine Spark of Life. That Life carries consciousness and exists in all living things, rocks, plants, atoms… it may be a limited consciousness, but it is there, nonetheless. So honor yourself, your fellow humans and all that co-exists in the Great All, for you are a part of All That Is.”



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