Hate Parade

I find myself changing the channel or turning off the TV more and more often. The political hate campaigns baffle me. How can anyone vote for anyone who belittles, slanders and lies to gain the upper hand?

This is what the illusory world is based upon and it takes our complicity to perpetuate the hate parade. We are each as guilty as any of those politicians that we have to trust to run our country. And we are not unique, this process is repeated universally because people live under the illusion and belief in separation.


This deeply held belief that we are separate colors our experience and all our actions; it is the fundamental fuel that fires our egos. Our cherished opinions and arguments allow us to believe that “I am right. I hold the truth. No one else does.”


How incredibly vapid we are and how easily we fall into the trap of dualism. How easily it erodes and undoes the work we do to manifest wholeness, or unity. Prayer itself is an example of the belief in separatness, the idea that there is a power “out there” that will deliver us from whatever ills have befallen us.

Look within, go into the silence and oberve your thoughts. Do not give them power by judging them, for then you are once again separating yourself from spirit. The mind is like a rado station that has to broadcast all the time with mind chatter designed to fill a vacuum. Allow your thoughts to be, and let them go. They are not you, you are inviolate, pure spirit, an observer who does not need to be a participant in this madness. 



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