“Never Fails to Disappoint”

A recent disappointment lead me to think about the mandate we are born to learn from, or the stumbling block that needs to be overcome in ourselves. As much as others may disappoint us, it is up to us to learn from each lesson.


I was walking up the stairs wondering about a particular person who always seems to somehow press my red button, the one labelled “anger, resentment, irritation, anger” and thought to myself, if this person were to be judged by his Higher Self, would the comment on the report card read, “Never fails to disappoint”?

That sent me on a train of thought about my quick response to this person, and how perhaps I was the one “failing” to meet my mandate for this life.


How can I be judge and executioner? It is not my job. I have to look within to discover what it is in myself that allows that rash kind of judgment to occur. I thought about the planets ruling my horoscope and how some of them present me with really tough challenges, and how often I fail to meet my own expectations of myself. I forgave the person, and sent blessings and love, and forgave myself.


I checked Facebook and saw a post by Lama Sury Das:


Make a resolution to start and end each day with a prayer for a pure and forgiving heart. At regular intervals throughout your day, stop to remind yourself to be forgiving, to let go of your attachment to anger, resentment and bitterness and keep the love in your heart. This is the hard spiritual work that is intrinsic to the path to enlightenment.


I had to smile when I opened my Twitter account and saw a post by Neale Donald Walsch: 

If someone is vexing you right now, say a prayer for that person. Send them all of your best energies.

We are on a path to find love and forgiveness and thereby free ourselves from attachments that do not serve our higher good.


I am grateful for the teachers whose words remind me of my lessons and help me maintain my coourse. And I am grateful for those who press that red button, for it is turning to green for “go, and love all those you meet, unconditionally.”




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