Deepness Dwells Within the Empty Mind

Today I walked the dog and on my way met three people who stopped to talk to me. One of them I know as a felllow seeker, the other two (actually three, one was a married couple) were strangers.


I had been pondering on the wisdom of the masters, writinggs by Ramana Maharshi et al, called The seven Steps to Awakening  and wondering about illusions, this earthly realm we inhabit and why we so persistently think being here is a good idea. I thought about the mind, the intellect and how it is trying to construct and deconstruct what I have read, and how that too, is an illusion driven by ego. We need to prove nothing, we just need to Be.




The first man was digging in his garden, and we spoke about dowsing. He had seen it being done by a friend and he thought it was “witch craft”. The second man, a medical doctor from Pakistan, spoke to me about homeopathy, he had grown up in a small village and never once saw a doctor, they were treated with remedies. The third man spoke about Zen; this is his path. He said, “We have to take the ups and downs as they come.”  This is the way he saw life.

We are all searching, we want to believe there is a reason for us to be here. 

There is no purpose to this writing, this is not a parable.

There is no deep hidden wisdom.

It just is.




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