Dahaviel, Guardian of the First Heaven

Dahaviel is a guardian angel of the first Heaven, one of seven angelic guards responsible for its protection. He facilitates the transmutation of subtle vibrations for those passing over into this realm, protecting both the novice and the energy center of this vibrational enclave.

His compassion makes him approachable, he is not unkind, even though he looks somewhat stern. He has to ensure the purity of the spirit entity, that it is able to withstand the higher frequencies of the realm. This vibration can be likened to a musical note that vibrates at a certain rate. If the newly arrived spirit is not able to match or exceed it, it will become damaged. He helps with the ascension of the spirit so that it may find its home. 


Those who have slower vibrations or who become “Earth bound” because they either do not follow the Light, or are held back due to the excessive grief of loved ones, often remain here as “ghosts”.




The first heaven is the atmosphere of our planet, and many souls merely pass through this on their way. According to Edgar Cayce, our souls may often reside on other planets, where they may learn other lessons before incarnating on Earth again. They do no assume physical form there. 


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