Mind – Body Connection

Louise Hay’s little book, Heal Your Body (see: http://www.louisehay.com/about-louise/) is a classic in which the connection between our thoughts and our bodies is revealed. The book provides affirmations so that one can change your thoughts and thus accommplish better health through positive thinking.


Throughout the years in which I have been doing healing, I have found the connection between emotional states and illnesses to be relevant, and have worked on trying to heal the emotion rather than the body, thereby achieving a vehicle for the necessary change in the mind through these feelings.


Of late, through meditations, I have come to intimately understand that the body is a vehicle for spirit, and once we begin to realize we are not our bodies, we are not our emotions or our thoughts, we are an indefinable and indestructible energy, we can bring about healing through being at peace with ourselves.


Meditation is a key element in this “knowing” and understanding. If you are able to sit quietly and observe your thoughts, how they dwell from one subject to another, in ever increasing urgency in spite of your trying to still your mind, you will become aware of how your body begins tensing up. This happens because of the connection between your thoughts and your physical reaction to the emotions engendered by them.

You need to become conscious of the fact that thoughts are not real, they are just things your mind has conjured up. Positive thinking works by repeating a positive phrase, anchoring the mind, and thus creating something from that thought, such as good health, peace or love. Similarly, by thinking negative thoughts repeatedly, you create that which your mind has been focussing on.


If the body can begin tense up over an imaginary negative scenario, it can get worse the more often the scenario is played out in your thoughts. A tense body is one in which chi cannot flow freely, it is containing and restricting it; this ultimately causes dis-ease.


Remember, thoughts are not real. They are like something being projected on a movie screen, you can see them, but they are not really there. Do not allow yourself to dwell on the negative, allowing your mind to create a fantasy that will impact your body. Stay in the present. be here NOW.












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