You are more than you think!

The recent announcement that there are a billion planets in the universe merely reveals how human minds have opened to the idea that there is more to what we see and know than we had previously thought.


The idea of a finite universe in which planet Earth is the center of all sentient existence is slowly changing as minds become more free to roam, and are less constricted by a deocentric (I don’t think such a word exists, but it sounds good to me) dogma that the Church has the final answer to all things, including space, time and human reproduction.


Humans are evolving and are able to start believing things they would never even had contemplated thirty years ago. Authors such as Emmanual Velikovski, Gurdjieff, Pyotr Oespensky,Erich von Daniken, Zecharia Sitchin, Whitney Strieber, Rober Lanza, to name a few, have created pathways or steps for us to open our minds to possibilties of a greater understanding of ourselves and our presence on this planet. While some of these authors have been denigrated by the scientific community as charlatans or pseudoscientists, it does not matter, for all ideas that expand the mind are worthy of being considered and when we allow ourselves the freedom to think beyond the boxes our minds have been confined in, we can let our imaginations roam, and therein lies the expansion of thought and mind. 

Meditation is a tool for discovering our connection with something indefinable and infinite; it defies description, you have to experience it. To see all things as connected is a gift that can perhaps be shared through words, but actually it is only experiential. I cannot share it with you, all I can do is urge you to persevere. The rewards are intangible, but it allows you to have a different view of yourself, your world and your purpose in it. As it has been said before, all things fall away. “Open my eyes that I may behold wondrous things”, a quote from the Bible, is perhaps appropriate. This is not an intellectual “seeing”, it comes from the enlightened moment when you are truly able to see everything for what it is, why it is and why you are here. It is a gift beyond measure, a feeling of interconnectedness with all things and a knowledge that all is as it should be, exactly right, at this very moment.

There is a “Divine Plan” if you wish to call it that, and you have a part to play in it. The most important part is to start thinking for yourself, never to accept anything without examining it, and if it does not ring true, discard it and keep searching. The truth is not out there, it is within yourself. That is not a new idea, I know, but you have to discover it for yourself.




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