Homeopathy, healing, energy: thoughts.

We all know the feeling when we are attracted to the energy of someone, that instant feeling of “like”! Conversely, the feeling of distrust, suspicion and dislike occurs in much the same way when our energies (or auras if you prefer) don’t mesh with someone else.


We are bundles of energy, conduits of power, and are connected to each other through an intangible and invisible current which we tap into when we are together. I see these currents and matrixes when I do healing, the different layers of energy that surround our bodies, and I can see when there are energy breaks or a loss of power to a particular organ due to illness or stress.


When we become ill due to a virus or a bacteria, a tumor or a cancer, our vibrations change and attains a lower energy which needs to be brought back to its normal state. The energy may match that vibration that is similar to a plant, and animal or a mineral. The body, mind and emotions begin to manifest different behaviors, needs and sensations.


In the proving of a homeopathic remedy, a substance is given to healthy participants who will begin to manifest the symptoms of die-ease. Their energies will have changed due to the ingestion of the remedy and they begin to match the energy of the substance they have taken. This does not mean that they have become ill; it means they are manifesting a different set of behaviors that is unlike their usual state.

Take, for example, Gelsemium Sempervirens, a remedy used for flu-like symptoms: tiredness, achiness, fever and a feeling of wanting to lie down, a feeling of paralysis. The plant is known as Carolina Jessamine, or Jasmine, as well as the Evening Trumpetflower. It trails along electric wires, poles and fences and is found in Maryland, Virginia and the Carolinas, throughout much of the southern part of the USA, as well as Mexico and Panama.

The remedy made from the plant helps those with flu, and those who need support, much like the plant requires support to flourish. This is a simplistic explanation, but the point is a person who has the flu does well on this remedy because his energy has begun to manifest the energy of the plant, it has lowered to the point where he needs support.

Conventional medicine, which incidentally, I do not eschew, merely tries to heal the person by relieving symptoms by giving something that is the opposite of the patient’s state, for example, if you have a fever, cool the body down, if a tumor manifests, remove it (a good idea, but some of them can be treated with homeopathy). So the opposite is done to what the body is manifesting. Homeopathy treats the body with the same, or a remedy that produces similar symptoms in a healthy person. This helps the body restore its vitality and helps it to heal.

Vibrations in the body can be affected by many things, excessive grief, as well as joy, fear, anxiety, trauma…the list is legion. There are some 3,500 remedies and many more still to be discovered and tested. Keep yourself balanced and well by eating healthily (don’t be fanatical, that is an energy that is not good either!), excercising in moderation, meditation and as the Dalai Lama would say,  do good works; be kind to one another and yourself.


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