Only Fear Holds you Back


I have been spending a lot of time reading various spiritual books which have been greatly inspiring, but after some considered objective analysis the question remains: what if you don’t believe in something?

Why do we need to believe in anything?

Belief requires no proof. It only requires blind faith.

Religions are set in stone when followers begin to lay down rules and proscribe attitudes, ways of thinking, believing, behaving, eating, dressing, assigned gender roles , where to live, what to believe…

People are happy to confine themselves within these parameters for the sake of securing an afterlife which will bring untold joy and freedom.

We only achieve freedom when we walk our own path, forged through our own spiritual practices such as meditation, contemplation or prayer. Finding our own way is essential in order to enter the Aquarian Age, the Age of Finding our Individual Truth and Mastery. The Piscean Age was characterized by patriarchal spiritual leadership, men essentially taking on the role of a “shepherd tending his flock.”

The Aquarian Age is a time of nonconformity, finding your own beliefs. How does one achieve that? Through a daily spiritual practice that will guide you into finding what it is you seek.

Meditation can connect you with your Core Being, your true identity – and the more you work on it the more you begin to realize certain truths. Those Truths may be Universal, or they may be intensely personal ones borne out of where your consciousness lies, how expanded it is and how much you want to transcend the maya or illusion of our existence.

Throughout the millenia there have been shamans and priests who have accessed realms beyond the third dimension either through dedicated practice or psychotropic drugs. They all tell a similar story: our lives are an illusion that we collectively support in order to evolve into self-realization. The development of compassion, love and kindness is the foundation of these teachings. Be of service to others.

Stop believing the unfounded “truths”: free yourself of all the limitations your parents, religion and teachers have placed upon you.

We are here for such a pinprick in infinity.

Love is the gateway to immortality.


Near Death Experiences

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I love reading about near death experiences and I marvel how many people returning to their bodies share similar experiences. However, there are some who have quite frightening, disturbing or unsettling experiences, such as a friend of mine who seemed to travel through a region or dimension where she saw great suffering, people screaming in anguish and this cause a great deal of distress to her.

One thing that we can learn from reading about these NDE’s is that each person experiences or “sees” according to what her consciousness permits. Many young children  and Christians see Jesus, which is a reflection of their faith, and this surely is their level of consciousness….don’t get me wrong, I am judging no one, we are all on our own path, and each of us have travelled this way in other lifetimes.

One of my favorite books is “The Afterlife of Billy Fingers” by Annie Kagan. It is a story of triumph and redemption and reveals just how loved we are. There is no judgment, and  each life must be lived in order to gain various experiences. Living a life of purity is great if that is what you are meant to have, but essentially, there is no right or wrong.

Anita Moorjani‘s Book, “Dying to be Me” reveals how we become disconnected when we try and be something we are not because of societal pressures to conform. Each one of us is unique, with a unique purpose and it took a terminal illness for her to learn this lesson.

Dr. Eben Alexander began exploring the reality of consciousness after his NDE. As a neurosurgeon who always discounted his patients’ experiences, he changed his life completely after contracting a disease that nearly destroyed his life. It is a beautiful tale of awakening to possibilities that transcend the material 3 D experience we exist in.

All these stories are uplifting lessons about living, about spirituality and Love. However… here is my question and I would love someone with deeper insight into these matters to chime in: NONE of them actually physically died. There was still a partial consciousness in the physical vehicle, they still were able to return to their bodies. From what I understand, this is the reason many cultures wait three days before a body is buried or cremated. This is done so that the entire consciousness can ascend. (This is also why I no longer believe in blood transfusions or organ transplants, I don’t want a part of me still existing in someone else.)

I have not had an NDE but I have had a revelatory astral experience where I saw myself as a mere spark of energy, like a twinkling star. I met up with five other energies, and we laughed and chatted and then I said, “I must go!” I felt myself flying away (for lack of a better expression) and then plunged in to a toroidal shape like a black hole, and that was that. It was as if I was not meant to know more than that, I was being prevented from knowing the full truth or experiencing the final reality of our existence.

I have had experiences during meditations where I visited beautiful places such as the Temple of Knowledge; I have talked with the Council of Nine and other Light Beings and I believe that they exist in the astral dimension, which is quite close to the 3D we experience as humans.

Death of the physical-  the final release – is still an enigma. NDE folks have helped raised the consciousness of people: they are wayshowers to a reality that removes the fear of death for so many who believe in an angry, vengeful god – a spectre of their own making. We create what we think and what we believe, and that becomes our truth.

Thank you. I welcome comments.



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Crisis of Faith, New Insights

I recently experienced a brief few hours when I began to doubt everything I believed in.

This is not unusual, especially when a disaster, a loss or an unimaginably difficult situation rears its head.

I do not believe in a God that exists outside of me, I don’t believe in the concept of a “god”. I don’t believe in religion or even much of the New Age beliefs since they all devolve into conning people so that they can make money off of them. I am not a follower – perhaps this is the more difficult path for there is no one to soothe the metaphorical fevered brow when doubt creeps in.

What I questioned is my own personal experience of the consciousness that pervades the All That Is. The Jews are correct in believing that one cannot name God, there is no word or concept that that can adequately define whatever it is that exists, the power that creates and drives Nature and every single atoms that exists throughout the entire endless, undefinable All.

My psychic abilities permit me to have visions, to see what the physical eye does not.

But what am I seeing?

If thoughts become forms, assume shapes, then what am I seeing or “picking up” in people?

Are the thought forms they have created through grief, joy, shame, jealousy or fear more like apparitions of their own making? Is that what I see?

And similarly, the thoughts and memories of their loved ones who have passed on that present as gestalts of their bodies and personalities?

After pondering this a while, I came to the conclusion that the current thought of “Let it go” is actually a very powerful tool. It is the way to heal, to loosen the ties that bind and to free the soul of unwanted baggage and encumbrances that hold one back from healing.

Fear of the future is what drives people to visit psychics. If we can really heal the ego to learn to let go, get in the flow of all that is good through expressing gratitude, appreciation and love, it allows for wonderful things to happen.

Allow grace to enter your life; let it go, whatever it is that is holding you back!

“Let There Be Light

From the point

From which all life flows

It flows to me.

My part is to accept this life


As a manifestation of God on earth.

It is I

Who brings light and love

Into this existence.

No angelic being can do it for me.

Yes, heartily do I accept

This responsibility!

The God in me.”

From “ The Essene Book of Meditations and blessings”



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Physical Death and the Personality

The recent passing of my mother has left me pondering many aspects of the soul.

It is often difficult to distinguish between the meaning of soul and spirit.

Essentially, the soul is the part of the human experience that allows for mental abilities, emotions, the ability to reason and above all character. We know people according to the character they have, how they interact, love, laugh and live. It is what makes them lovable as human beings.

Some definitions do not really distinguish between the two words; however, the word spirit has its origins in the Greek language and refers to air, or breath, or wind. This is what allows us to live. If we don’t breathe, we are no longer alive. It is the primordial essence of existence and it is timeless and indestructible.

The soul operates through the mind, it is the operating system of our physicality and through this we see, feel, think and exist.

Why are we all different if we all have the same basic operating system?

Here is where astrology provides the blueprint for our raison d’etre : at the moment of birth a snapshot of all our traits, virtues and challenges are imprinted as soon as we take our first breath. This is what makes us different from each other, and while there may be broad similarities between people sharing the same astrological signs, deeper study reveals that location and time determine the many differences that exist within any given sign.

These challenges and gifts allow us to have different experiences and perspectives, it allows for the development of the personality and the intellect according to what we agreed upon prior to incarnating. To know the details of this allows you to navigate life and to overcome challenges if you pay enough attention to the details.

Does the soul survive physical death?

Short answer: No. It is discarded as the spirit is the only thing that exists. The personality and lessons learned are part of the vast experience every soul wants to have as a physical being. Those become part of the Akashic Records, and the essence or spirit reviews the life, the failures and triumphs and then proceeds to higher levels according to its appropriate levels of consciousness.

Socrates said: To know thyself is the beginning of wisdom.

We are all here to have a physical experience, we have all chosen different paths and thus, we cannot judge anyone. To escape the matrix of enmeshed energy that exists in the 3 D reality, you have to reach inwards through meditation. This will help you access higher dimensions and will change your world view. The expansion of consciousness is the deepest desire of the spirit and this allows you to truly know yourself.

Many people have had Near Death Experiences and they provide a glimpse of the afterlife. What you believe is what you will experience. Those who have had these experiences are offering comfort to those who fear death: they reveal that there are other dimensions that exist, that the spirit does not die. But they are not shown everything because they are allowed to return to reanimate the physical through medical intervention. They are messengers and way-showers. There is far more to it than they have been allowed to see and experience.

Do not fear life, do not fear physical death.

Namaste, peace be with you.

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Awakening to Our Potential

Image result for spiritual lightWhat are you doing to further you spiritual development?

Are you meditating daily, practicing mindfulness, kindness and empathy?

Are you asking that your Higher Self be aligned to your greatest good?

As to the above question… what the mind desires is not always what the spiritual path is intending for you and Spirit will more likely send you challenges and constant reruns of issues that need to be healed.

Center yourself in your Heart and allow that chakra to expand, to fill it with Light and Love. Feel this in every fiber of your being so that your potential to absorb more of the refining, higher vibrational energy is increased.

Practice staying in the NOW moment so that your egoic mind cannot derail your intentions. Fear has no place where only Love exists.

Practicing non-judgement is a constant, endlessly repetitive task. The prevalence of social media and being exposed to ideas that are contradictory to our own cherished beliefs offers endless opportunities for practicing mindfulness. It  should be seen as a lesson… and yes, it is tough, but we have to learn not to have that knee-jerk reaction when other people’s ideas don’t jibe with our own.

We are in a period of huge potential spiritual growth. Learn to view people as that aspect of you that upsets or angers you, for we are all of the same Light. Learn to stay the course, centered in the heart, practicing forgiveness of Self and the perceived Others constantly. Separation, or Duality, is an illusion, we are not separate entities. We are all part of the Great Indivisible ONE.




Starseeds are Changing the World

I was listening to a Vlog by Patricia Cota-Robles last week and her words resonated with me so deeply, I thought I’d share my thoughts with you.


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Her message was that the Harmonic Convergence in 1987, which paved the way for a major change in the vibration of Gaia and all who live upon her, has assisted the ascension of our beloved planet. I remember participating in a service in my then-hometown of Port Elizabeth, South Africa. There was an upsurge of love and hope and harmony among those who attended, a feeling that something had shifted for all of us.


Patricia Cota-Robles states that on that day, the blight of “Karma” ceased to exist, that we have collectively moved beyond that belief or need to experience it. This process allowed the big upshift on December 21, 2012 – the end of the Mayan Calendar.

What has happened since the Harmonic Convergence is the birth of millions of Starseeds, children known as “Millenials” in popular culture.

Every single one of us who gave birth to these children incarnated with that specific purpose.

I personally had never had the desire to have children; it was something I “knew” I “had” to do. But more than that, my lineage of physical parents and grandparents were individuals who were highly spiritual, not interested in religion. We are not born in isolation -it’s in our DNA – and we are born to perform specific tasks. (I’m pretty glad I got that one done properly!!)

It was part of the Divine Plan, to bring about a major change in the way we do things, think about them and what we do about problems. So many of them were born “aware”, intuitive, creative, spiritually minded, sincere, loving and ready to change things for the better.

Please listen to Patricia’s wonderful message if you have time!

May we all live in peace.





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The ‘Millenials’ ages range from 18 to 35 and they are paving the way for the next generation, known as Generation Z who currently comprise nearly 25% of the population. This group will not only benefit from these changes but will work at carrying it forward.

Book Review: The Unbound Soul…

For those who are curious, or have felt the “pull” or “nudging” from Spirit, here is a book that will transform your life.

Richard L. Haight’s “awakening” occurred at a very young age, but, like many of us, didn’t quite understand the relevance of his visions and spiritual experiences. His journey of unfoldment took him to Japan where he spent many years studying martial arts, coached in the physical discipline which in effect was also a deeply transformative spiritual experience. He returned to the US where he now teaches both martial arts and meditation.

He offers wonderful meditation techniques which will train you, step-by-step, a tried and true method, to help the student to silence the mind and to achieve spiritual enlightenment. It is not an overnight practice, it takes time and requires dedication.

Haight’s approach will bring the reader to reflect, pause and think; there is great wisdom in his writing that reminds me a bit of Adyshanti, a philosophy that is Zen-like in its approach.

Living and Creating from the Heart

One of the most important shift you, as a student of Truth on the Path of Spiritual Unfoldment can practice, is to think and act from the heart chakra.

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What does this mean?

It’s about practicing non-judgment.

It’s about being in a space of observing.

It’s about allowing.

IMG_20180215_161217 (1)

It’s about allowing Beingness to guide us instead of living in the head.


Does this mean you have to be sweet and gentle all the time, smiling sublimely because you are so “spiritual”?


As you allow the heart to be your “operating system”, all those lovely attributes will flow into your Being. You will naturally become the Love you wish to be, and wish to share with the world.

As soon as you become aware of judgment and negativity creeping into your thoughts, bring those feelings down into the heart, feel it expand and grow so that you can transmute those emotions and thoughts.

Energy follows thought.

How to achieve this?

Practice this visualization:

Imagine your Higher Self as a glowing orb of white light above your head.

Bring it down, slowly, through the head, past the throat, and into the heart. Allow it to expand to encompass your auric field. Be present in this feeling. Accept and know that you are changing your spiritual and physical blueprint, every time upshifting your vibration to be able to integrate more light.

Being aligned with this Power will ultimately bring physical, emotional and spiritual benefits. You will be in Divine Flow.


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You have chosen to be alive at this time.

Let your Light shine!







Emotional Addictions

We all know about physical addictions – whether it be food, alcohol or drugs – and how it can destroy one’s health, well-being and sense of self and esteem

What about the emotions we are addicted to?

The memories we have stored in our minds through positive and negative experiences love it when you hit that “replay” button, especially when the emotions involved are negative. Those are the ones that churn through your mind, over and over again, keeping you hostage to the treadmill of dread, grief, shame, anger, and outrage.

How do you react when that “replay” occurs? Do you get angry all over again, cry, or Image result for image people crying watching moviehang your head in shame? How delicious are those emotions, and how they love to control you! Those feelings are the results of chemical reactions that occur in the body and we become addicted to those uncontrollable feelings, reveling in the release and always craving more.

How we love to beat ourselves up…

How does one change this?

Identify the emotion through the memory that sparked the event: was it because your teacher humiliated you? Your mother gave you a spanking? Your father belittled you? You friends made fun of you?

Become conscious of the triggers that precipitate the emotion. Observe the memory objectively if you are able, then consciously think of a happy or loving moment with that person.  Focus on how it made you feel and allow yourself to smile or laugh. This will bring about a change in your reactions and flood you with more positive thoughts and feelings; it will change your chemistry and help you to heal.

The more you put this into practice, the better you will feel, and you will be more able to cope with setbacks and other challenging events in your life. Coping skills in a challenging world are essential for survival and remember, your memories are an illusion, like a movie or a play in which you can choose to be a participant or an onlooker.

Consider too, what you may have learned from that painful experience and how you have changed as a result.

Practices such as meditation and yoga will assist you to change, but YOU have to do the work, you are in charge. Just YOU. Be conscious of your thoughts and change them when you feel that downward spiral kicking in!

Laugh more! It will change your world!

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I am not a psychologist and this advice is meant for those on a spiritual path. If you are suffering from a serious emotional trauma or abuse please consult a trained professional.


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Find your Path

You do not need a teacher.

You do not need a guru.

You do not need to become attached to doing the “right” thing; not everyone is called to save their brethren.

You do not need to sit in a cave, become a recluse, a vegetarian or give up creature comforts, intimacy or joy.

Follow your instincts, the right books will be there for you when you are ready.

Meditate daily.

Express gratitude and joy.

Be the Love and Light that shines the way for others.

Do not proselytize, for everyone is at his own level of understanding and consciousness.

Becoming psychic is a by-product, not the aim of spiritual practice. There is much more beyond that particular gift.

Each day and each breath is a gift.

You are here to experience, to learn and to grow into the human being you wanted to become.

This is the path that few choose, but you will not be walking it alone.


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